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01-24-2005, 09:59
This may sound like a really annoying question, but I have never hunted before in my life. Typical blue state suburbanite upringing, if you know what I mean. Now I own/carry handguns, and have a home defense shotgun. I go to the indoor range all the time, and am starting IDPA. But as I read gun magazines and books, hunting is constantly mentioned (of course). I browse hunting supplies, watch those Sunday morning hunting specials, and think it looks like a lot of fun. But of course---I have no clue how to start! According to John Kerry, it involves crawing around on my belly looking for deer (who I presume also like crawling on their bellies)..... since he's not exactly Ted Nugent, I figure I need some better info. Honestly, I have no clue what I would do with a deer once I actually shot one. Put it in the back of my Saturn?

So--is there some sort of "guided" hunt I could go on where a tour guide can show me what to do, what not to do, and help me out? I'm in Philadelphia, so anything nearby would be great. Or, if a fellow Glock Talker wants to introduce a newbie to hunting on your next trip? :)

lethal tupperwa
01-24-2005, 10:02
the teacher will be able to answer a lot of your questions as well.

In some states it is required before getting your hunting license.

01-24-2005, 10:57
I have to disagree, the hunter safety course "won't teach you how to hunt" ( at least the 2 I've sit in on ) but it will gives you pointers on hunting and over view into the laws and ethical issues with hunting.

You best bet is to hook up with an experienced hunter that 1> hunts the type of game you will be taking 2> hunts the areas that you plan to hunt in.

After all of that, the next way you learn is from experience. I've been hunting off and on since the age of 12 and still today over 2+ decade later, I 'm still learning new things and trying out new ideas. I would bet that I've learned more on hunting from being in the fields, reading and trial and error.

lethal tupperwa
01-24-2005, 11:13
to get your licence.

And If you never hunted before the safety course should be your first step.

Otherwise you may have"sound shots...etc"

01-24-2005, 17:52
Some different suggestions...

Try to pay attention at the range if anyone is talking about hunting or shooting a weapon more designed for hunting.

Do a search for Philadephia Hunting and you get several responses which include hunting fishing stores. Then I'd visit those stores and make some inquiries.

Do a search for Philadephia Sportsman's Clubs. I'd make contact with those and try to strike up some acquaintances.

01-24-2005, 20:02
need the hunter's safety course in PA to get your liscense.. I've taken it twice actually.. good course to learn some safety and the rules about PA hunting.

Your best bet is to find someone you know, work, church etc. that hunts and have them give you some pointers.

Pennsylvania i think still has the largest hunter population for whitetail deer of any state. There is plenty of public land i.e. state game lands to hunt, HOWEVER.. with the amount of hunters afield I would be very very cautious. I grew up in PA and hunted game lands once, that was plenty for me, but then i was spoiled from hunting private farm land and property up in the Pocono's. Which is now entirely housing developements, including the swamp i hunted. And the farm i hunted now is growing Japenese Pears, with a fence and dogs patrolling... man i miss that hunting.

Get yourself some reading material on field dressing game. Basics for hunting..

boots(gore tex) pants(Jeans will do),jacket(blaze orange), hat(blaze), gloves, thermal underwear etc.. layered approach.

Rifle,shotgun,bow,muzzleloader up to you which or all for you to use.

Shotgun maybe the most versitle..

The best bet though is to find someone you know that hunts, i still feel it's the best way to learn how.

and remember a couple of things.

Always make sure of what you are shooting at ! positively identify it. Never shoot at "sound".. Always know what's BEHIND what your shooting at.. It's better to not take the shot if your not sure what your shooting at.

good luck

Jeff, former PA hunter.

01-25-2005, 14:53
Check out, and see if you can hook up with somebody local. You will have to wade through piles of posts by guys whining that there are no deer left. Don't hunt with those weeners. They want to park their ass on a stump and have a parade of targets walk past while they smoke cigarettes and eat Slim Jims.

01-25-2005, 15:10

Finding someone to take you out is your best bet. If I were taking you out it would not be for deer. Rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, etc are good starting points. There's less that can go wrong, so less chance of a wounded animal.

Hunting is a lot of fun, but you are killing something. I've taken quite a few first timers out. Some can't take the shot. Others have gotten real upset afterwards. Others just didn't take to it when they found out all that was involved. It's not exactly what you see on TV. :) I'm not trying to discourage you, but there are mental and emotional parts to hunting some folks don't think about.

Definately take the course. Even if it is not required. You might be able to buddy up with someone there. Good luck.

lethal tupperwa
01-25-2005, 15:21
some years ago McManus had a column about adopting an old man.

When I was starting out I got an "Old Virginia Gentleman" to get me started.

I was always amazed by the way he could slip through the woods.

You could see him but never hear him.


01-25-2005, 16:30

Be Vewwwwwwwwwwy



01-25-2005, 17:00
are you sure you can do it?... ok just saw mpol777 post and i have to say the first time i pulled the trigger on a living thing i cryed my eyes out.

01-26-2005, 11:16
Where in PA are you located? I am in PA and am more than willing to come up with new hunting buds. Send me a PM and we can exchange emails or something.

01-26-2005, 12:36
E-mail sent--thanks!

As for pulling the trigger on an animal--I can honestly say that it doesn't phase me one bit. I am a religious person, and believe that human life is sacred, but animals are basically creatures with no independent will and no soul. While we are prohibited from causing them pain for the pure pleasure of it, killing an animal for food or their pelt is perfectly acceptable. How many vegetarians do you know who preach their vegetarianism while wearing leather shoes? Or people who eat meat but feel bad killing it themselves. What's the difference? I put out poison to kill spiders and mice in my house, and gladly eat chicken and beef. I don't think the "killing a living animal" issue will really bother me much.

Thanks for all the replies! I'm looking forward to getting out for my first hunt.

01-26-2005, 17:37
Join a local gun club. You will meet other hunters there.

Check the used bookstores for books on hunting. Used books are much cheaper than new books.

Do the pre-season scouting. You want to get familiar with the area that you will be hunting and to get familiar with the patterns of the game animals. It can be great exercise too.

01-26-2005, 18:33
the only reason folks are complaining there are no more deer in PA and other states is they keep BUILDING FRIGGIN houses in the WOODS where the deer live and oops now you can't hunt there..

ALL of the hunting property i hunted from the time i was a 12 in pa till i left when i was 39 is now either industrial parks, or housing developements.. Even the two farms in Lehigh county are un huntable due to houses or the farmer growing expensive pears and put fences up.

Same thing is happening even here in VA.. Biggest buck i have ever seen I saw walking into a development one morning..

Not to mention deer are not totally stupid, why not live where your never chased or shot at.. so they stay in the little patches of woods right behind that big ole house.

just my two cents.. and i'm sure the mandatory Point system for buck hunting has PA shoot anything that moves hunter PO'd.. Heard ALT quit to, shame he could have done good for PA.

sorry off topic..


01-26-2005, 20:50
never said i don't hunt now just said the first time i killed something it really caused me some heartache.

01-27-2005, 00:08
Originally posted by Hunterjbb
the only reason folks are complaining there are no more deer in PA and other states is they keep BUILDING FRIGGIN houses in the WOODS where the deer live and oops now you can't hunt there..

A good reason to take up archery. Bow hunting is usually legal in firearms restricted areas.

01-27-2005, 20:26
That's a good idea, but in PA at least when i was there you couldn't hunt with a bow any different then with a rifle regarding houses and such.. And could you see popping a nice buck and having it die in somebodies front yard ?.. lol man they would freak..

I do archery hunt, and yeah i'd love to be able to shoot the deer in my backyard, but i know the neighbors, well some of them would just have a hissy fit..

But i aggree there are some area's where it's easier to get permission to hunt with a Bow then a rifle or shotgun. So it's not a bad thing to learn..