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01-25-2005, 05:15

LE= Blue/Red/Clear/Amber

Fire/EMS = Red/Clear/Amber

Non-Emergency Service Vehicles (Wreckers, Public Works, Etc) = Amber/Clear

Security/Etc = Green/Amber/Clear

01-25-2005, 16:55
North Carolina

Police - Blue/White/Amber

Fire - Red/White/Amber

Non Emergency - Amber/White

01-31-2005, 10:45

LE: Red & Blue, Blue, Amber, White with either R&B or B

Fire/Rescue: Red, Red & White, Amber, Green = Command Post

Tow (non-LE): Amber or Amber & White

Fire/Rescue POV: Red, Red & white - maximum of 2 red lights

01-31-2005, 10:50
New York:

Police & Fire: Red

Volunteer Firemen: Blue

Towtrucks, Security, etc: Yellow

01-31-2005, 13:01
The great state of Massachusetts:

Police: Blue

Fire: Red

Tow Trucks, Plows: Amber

02-01-2005, 22:28
Police: Blue required (Red, White, & Amber allowed as aux)
Fire: Red required (White & Amber allowed as aux)
EMS: Red required (White & Amber allowed as aux)
Security: Green (White, Amber as aux)
Tow, Escorts: Amber (White also allowed)

POV: Whatever it is for your duty...red for FF, blue for PD, etc..

A green light is allowed for command post designation while stationary on scene.

Fire/EMS/PD: Shall be equipped with one (1) or more flashing, rotating, or oscillating red lights, visible under normal atmospheric conditions from a distance of five hundred (500) feet to the front of the vehicle, and a siren, whistle, or bell, capable of emitting a sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of not less than five hundred (500) feet. (( Note: 180 degree dispersion is considered the minimum to qualify as 'front of vehicle'. ))

KRS 189.920 : http://lrc.ky.gov/krs/189%2D00/920.pdf

02-01-2005, 23:42

Volly FF/EMS/on-call FF: blue or blue and white. no siren, airhorn only.

Police/sheriff: Red and blue (except in municipalities over 100,000 (read: Chicago)) then blue lights only.

FF apparatus: Red, white, green

Security/Funeral procession/Tow trucks/construction: amber

02-21-2005, 13:35
Police/sheriff: Red and blue (except in municipalities over 100,000 (read: Chicago)) then blue lights only.

actually, jpa, the state statute reads over 500,000, if it were 100,000, that would apply to several other IL cities.

02-21-2005, 21:40

LE - blue or blue/red or blue/clear
Fire - red or red/clear
EMS - red or red/clear

02-21-2005, 22:40
Connecticut, these may vary a bit, but around me:

Police; Blue, Red, sometimes White
Ambulance; Red, White
EMT POV; Green. No one pulls over for these, I think most civilians don't know what the color means. Most EMTs don't bother with the green dash light because of this.

Fire; Red, Blue, White
Vol FF POV; Blue
Volunteer FF POV can also have wig-wags with signed permit from Police Chief.
Vol FF Officer can also have siren and red lights with state permit.

02-25-2005, 02:48

Fire - Red / Red & White

E.M.S. - same as above

L.E.O. - Blue

Rest of the State using lights - Clear or Yellow

Charlie Fox
03-13-2005, 11:52
Washington State:

LE - red and/or blue as approved by the State Patrol
Fire - Red, clear
Vol. FF - green, must have a plate designating them as Vols and a card issued by the dept.