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01-26-2005, 12:41
I thought I'd post a review, since there's a couple gear threads going.

Kilimanjaro jacket:

Very nice construction. Removable liner, good armor. I've ridden in temps down to 30, and it keeps me nice and toasty. I've used it in temps up to 70 with the liner in but the vents open, still comfortable. When it gets a bit warmer, I'll test it without.
Most comfortable I've tried except minimalist summer jackets.

Lots of storage / pockets, including one at the rear that's big enough for my thermos, and a soft-lined pocket that's great for sticking my clip-on tinted lenses for my glasses. Pockets, zippers, and buttons have rubber tabs to make them easier to manipulate with gloves on.

Good neck "seal", no wind down the chest at speed. Same with wrists. It has a very good double barrier under the zipper, no wind or cold there either.
I found it for $275 at a local BMW dealer. Well worth the $. I've been very happy with it.

HJC Sy-Max:

full-face helmet w/ flip-up. Very good venting, no fog when moving. Fogs when stopped, naturally, but clears when I crack the face shield.
Absolutely great for people with glasses. You put it on like a half helmet, then just flip it down. Great for getting gas, something to drink, Etc. without having to take off the helmet.
I would have never used a full-face if this wasn't available.
Nice padding, smooth texture chin strap that will not chafe. Quiet enough that I don't need earplugs.
It has removable soundproofing pads over the ears if you want to mount earpieces for comm gear or an something like an MP3 player. The face shield can be changed quickly without tools, but are a bit pricey, around $34-35 each.
I've borrowed a couple Shoei full face helmets here and there, I don't think they have anything over the HJC. I have never tried their version of the flip up, however.
Ordered at a local shop for $210, the metallic version.

01-26-2005, 16:23
I've been contemplating about flip-up helmets as well. The HJC flip-up rated quite well with the crash test. I just went yesterday to look at some helmets in general and I examined the HJC AC-11. They don't seem to be quite as well finished as the Shoeis, but then they are significantly cheaper and still offer the same protection (DOT and Snell). I think that I'm going to pick one up as a secondary helmet. I'm still contemplating about the flip-up type though. Maybe once I start riding for longer periods and need to stop for a short break and snacking and drinking, etc.

01-26-2005, 18:30
While I love the concept of the HJC, its just not as nearly comfortable as my Shoei. I can't ride more than 1/2 hour before it starts to bug me. I have both the HJC flip up and a Shoei RF-900. The Shoei is much more comfortable to me. I can wear it for 14 hours at a time with zero discomfort. But to be fair, I have a 'Shoei Head'.

The build quality of the Shoei is better, but than again, it cost twice as much. I commute with my bike every day it doesn't rain. Since I live in Phoenix, that is a whole lot of days. I have had my helmet for over two years and there is very little wear on it. Before that, I have a Shoei RF800 that I had for over 4 years. It also was in great shape for a helmet that was used everyday for that long.

If anybody is interested. I have a black HJC Sy-Max in XXL that I will sell cheap or trade for AR, AK, 10/22, Glock, Sig 226/228/220 mags or parts.

Texas T
01-27-2005, 00:45
Originally posted by yellowcarbon
If anybody is interested. I have a black HJC Sy-Max in XXL that I will sell cheap How cheap? I just bought two used BMW-logo'd mediums for $50. Not each. Together. ;)

01-27-2005, 08:53
I'd really like to trade it for a couple of used Sig 226 9mm 15rd mags or 2x10/22 Butler Creek 30rd mags. Considering they are going for $15-20 each, I guess I am looking for $40ish.

It has a new tinted face shield with it. This is a great way to try one of these without spending full price on one.

01-27-2005, 12:42
Originally posted by quinch

HJC Sy-Max:

full-face helmet w/ flip-up.

I have the Nolan flip face and I also would never get a full face that didn't have the flip up chin bar. I like the Nolan and with the top and chin vents I haven't had any fogging problems - it did come with the Fog City insert thing.