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01-27-2005, 14:36
I am thinking of using this mobo for my first build . I will be using an AMD64 3000 cpu. I will be trying some mild OC to get my feet wet.

If you have used this mobo please tell me what you think ?

Is this board the best bang for the buck with the AMD64 3000 ?

Will this mobo be difficult to setup for a noob ?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated .

Thanks , Dyno

01-27-2005, 17:52
I built my first computer back in November and I went with an AMD Athlon64, so I think you could benefit from some of my research.

The MSI K8T NEO-FSR is for socket 754 which I believe is an older design for the AMD Athlon64 processors. From what I can tell, the newer Athlon64's are all in the socket 939 configuration. If I'm wrong, please feel free to correct me. :)

I decided to get the socket 939 as I may be able to save money later on down the road by upgrading the CPU without having to get a new MoBo.

I got **THIS** ( CPU for $149 and **THIS** ( MoBo for $139 back in November.

Otherwise, from what I can tell, this board looks good. There are some comments at newegg which say that overclocking is pretty easy from within the bios.

Good luck!

01-27-2005, 18:45
I built a box with the MoBo you listed and it is a rocket.

I only use MSI boards for my builds now a days. They have been solid for me. They have excellent auto upgrade software for the BIOS.

Specks is right though. It is for the older AMD 64. Get a MSI that uses the newer AMD 64 processers. You can't do wrong.

01-27-2005, 19:36
Socket 754 still offers you a little upgrade path to the 3700+. It should begin to drop in price considerably before too long.

Epox will supposedly make a 754 pin Nforce 4 board for those that want to move to PCI-E later.

I always seem to end up with a new board anyway when I upgrade :)

If money is tight you could get by at first with a single 512MB stick of ram. Socket 754 does not support dual-channel (939 does). Athlon64 is a different animal, and anyone thinking about buying super high dollar ram for this architecture might read this thread first:

01-27-2005, 20:24
Specks, bobby_w, G-Farmer

Thanks for the speedy replies gang,all of this info will be very helpful. At this point I am trying to get quality,best bang for my buck and ease of setup as I pointed out this being my first build.
Of couG-Farmer
rse ASUS mobo is top quality that goes without saying and I will probably use one sooner or later. At this point I have heard so many things like some boards have great onboard audio and others are very easy to setup . To be honest I would like to play around wih all of them. <BIG SMILE> That article about ram tests is great albeit over my head at this point I did get the part about spending money on a better Video card. I can already tell all of this is going to be great fun and I know if I get in a jam there wil be plenty of help right here on tech talk . One thing I am trying to do for this build is to get a solid system going and then wet my feet with some OC'ing.

Thanks gang,all great posts.