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01-28-2005, 16:07
I just got an AVG window that says a trojan horse was found- "Dropper".

I ran my AVG- nothing. Ran A2, nothing. I just checked for AVG updates, and I'm running it again.

Here is the id AVG gave me- Trojan horse Dropper.Small.7.AVC:\DOCUME~1\OWNER\LOCALS~1\Temp\v2F4FHa03340

Any ideas why nothing was found, or how to kill it dead like the nasty bug it is? :)

01-28-2005, 16:08
;z Apparently, that little sguiggly line thing is a smilie....:)

01-28-2005, 17:03

01-28-2005, 17:06

01-28-2005, 17:09
This is the current version

01-28-2005, 17:12

01-28-2005, 18:05
Thank you, Washington. I made it over to Symantec and did a scan before I saw your links. The scan came up clean. I also updated AVG, and rescanned, again clean...Not sure why I got a warning, and then 4 different scans say I'm clean...

I'm going to hit your links now, see if I can learn more. Thanks again for your time!;Y

01-28-2005, 20:28
Um...yeah. I don't know what all those links are about...but AVG finding it means you were protected. It was just telling you that it found it and protected you.

AVG was just doing its job.

01-28-2005, 20:37
Hope so, Sam. AVG said to run AVG for Windows to get rid of it; kind of left it in the air. Put up a window twice this afternoon, haven't seen it since.

Ran 4 scans, 3 different varieties- said I was clean. :)

Those links were helpful, give a lot of info on the Dropper and what to do about it. Thanks everyone for your help.