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01-30-2005, 05:32
I was riding back from the beach and it was about close to 10 PM. I also rode at the speed limit of 45-MPH going around a curve. This road is very well lit because it's a new development area for the tract houses. Why they put a curve there is beyond me. The curve wasn't bad at all, actually, except for the dumbass in a Dodge Magnum that pulled out in front of me to do a right turn. I saw him coming because of his headlights. I rolled off the throttle and blinked my light at him to let him know that I was coming. But for some reasons, my spider-sense was tingling and I got my right fingers on the brake lever. Damn if that bastard didn't just ran the stop sign and made a sloppy right turn directly in front of me. I think that the SOB was drunk:steamed:

So, he took the right turn onto the far left lane and then swung back to the right lane of which I was traveling on. I already rolled off the throttle but I'm still in the middle of negotiating the curve with the bike already leaned over and me countersteering. So I grabbed the brake lever and squeezed it hard. Once again the bike shed speed like no tomorrow, but thank goodness that the ABS kept the front and/or rear brakes from locking up. Otherwise I would have been a slider.

Anyway, the ABS allowed me to panick brake yet still control the vehicle enough to countersteer the other way and straighten out the vehicle and came to a controlled dead stop with seconds. It's a damn good thing that nobody was behind me or...

Anyway, I won't gripe any more about how the ABS brakes don't have good feedbacks any more.

Thank you, BMW engineers, and thank you, MSF Ridercourse and instructors!!!

Texas T
01-30-2005, 11:52
Thy guy I just bought my Symax helmets from swears by ABS and absolutely loves the system.

If I recall correctly, 75% of motorcycle accidents are in or near intersections.

Good on you for staying attentive to the possibility of what might have happened.

Texas T
01-30-2005, 11:55

02-01-2005, 05:55
Good thing you were paying attention to the cars around you. I like to practice engaging the ABS every once in a while to remind myself what it feels like when it activates.

I think ABS is the single most important safety feature available on bikes today.