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Unbridled Rage
01-30-2005, 13:57
Have a new syntho-stainless Ruger Ruger MKII in .270 with a 22" barrel. (Private Party sale! $400!!) Not known as a spectacularly accurate rifle, I still wish to spend about $200 on a 6x scope.

My eyesight is not great and have had other (military surplus) cheap rifles scoped at 4x and 6x, and really prefer 6x. Don't need or want the complexity of a variable power.

I don't hunt, I just want to hit blue helmets @ 200 yards.

Does anyone have personal-use recommendations for brand?

Leopold has one, too much money.
BSA - used before, poor quality, but cheap
Bushnell - used before, OK optics, broke relativly easily.
Burris - used 4x before, poor optics.

Is $200 unreasonable? Please help!


Unbridled Rage
02-09-2005, 00:52
Thanks for the help, guys!!! ;b

Looks there is a Nikon in my price range, we'll see how it goes.