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02-01-2005, 09:08
This is really something that has been bugging me and I wanted to ask the gunsmiths who are in this forum about this one since I'm really stumped and curious to find out:

1. Can one convert a Para P-16 .40 S&W to a .45ACP pistol and would there be any advantage to using a gun designed for the .40 S&W to shoot .45 ACPs. Is the frame/slide of a P-16 stronger than a P-14, therefore, would a P-16 converted to shoot .45 ACP last longer/be more reliable than a natural Para P-14.45 ?

2. If it's possible to convert a P-16 gun, what would be needed to convert it to .45 ACP aside from a new barrel, magazine, etc? What type of work is needed to make the whole conversion run reliably?

Thanks to all those who could answer this question for me!!!;c ;c ;c

02-01-2005, 11:27
AFAIK the P16 and the P14 share the same receiver but different slide and breech, and you have it the other way around, P14 would be better built to handle the more potent .45acp round than the P16 which is in .40s&w.

02-01-2005, 12:55
Thanks for the reply, Kent!

Just another follow-up: Para is supposed to be coming out with a pistol that has an integral light rail. I think that's a good idea, especially for LEOs who might want to take advantage of the many good tactical lights out there. However, how about those with older Paras? Do you think it wise to have a light rail built up/welded to a Para frame (vintage 1997 and stainless)? Will it stand up to, say, around 50,000 rounds? This is just in case the new Paras with light rails are not available here. I had a mag-well fitted by a local smith, and I liked the work. I just don't know about fitting one on the dust cover. Your thoughts?

Keep on staying safe and shooting straight, guys!

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02-01-2005, 19:11
Should not be a problem. Dawson precision sells a light rail you can attach to your 1911. I have a friend who has had over 60,00o rounds of major .40 cal through his pistol with no problems.

02-01-2005, 21:08
To all those who responded,

Thanks! Your views will help me a lot in making informed decisions about my next customization job.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

02-05-2005, 08:43
Yup! you can convert you p16 to .45 cal. all you need is the slide, barrel, ejector, firing pin and magazine. meron akong p14 before and convert it to .40 cal.

02-05-2005, 11:29
I guess pretty much has been said about the caliber conversion. But if you realy want an interchangeable upper you can try to look at STI's inter-changeable breachface. For the light accessory rail it is nice to have one on your gun for "operation" and not for concealed carry. They also call it the picatiny rails and cylinder & slide has one made out of plastic. I dont know if CASPIAN still have some and they made it out of aluminum. Most of the after market rails are "screw on" type and does'nt need to be welded. We have a lot of very good gunsmith/metal fabricator back home like the METRILLO BROS.,Col. BAYANG and Mang TONY PASCUAL. The last time I was at mang Tony's shop (2000)I saw several picatiny rails for the M16 rifle made in-house. You can probably ask him to modify it for the 1911 and try to look for the pictures on the net as a guide. I hope this help Kabayan. ;)

P.S. Dont forget to put RED LOCKTITE on the screw to keep it me I learned it the hard way. ;g

02-05-2005, 19:24
Only SVI has the interchangeable breechface not STI.

02-05-2005, 23:28
Originally posted by bulm540
Only SVI has the interchangeable breechface not STI.

I stand corrected it's SVI. Thanks bulm540 :)