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02-07-2005, 08:55
have anybody used these bullets in a big bore handgun for hunting? Any feedback and what type/size of game did you use it on ?

I was told by somebody that this was one of the better handgun bullets on the market. The shop I was in, had a guy that hands loads these in his revolvers and had some real clean takedown on deer that he had shot. I'm still skeptical after see the pricing for these bullets.:)

if the price wasn't so damm high, i might buy a box just to handload and try out.

02-07-2005, 12:49
I load the Barnes XPBs for my 500 S&W. I have found that they are extremely accurate and took my first handgun deer with one this fall. It was very large doe (about 120 dressed). I hit her rightin the center of the chest and she went about five steps and tipped. The bullet passed through with an exit wound 2-3 times bigger than the entry. I have loaded both the 275 and 325 gr varieties but this shot was with the 325. This is what I plan to use down the road in this gun.