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Tommy Gun
02-13-2005, 14:17
I was looking through the ammo catalogs and a question came to mind that I thought I would run by the folks at Glock Talk.

There are 30 caliber bullets in 165 gr offerings in various bullets / cartridges. Why? This is not a put down but am interested in anyones rational for the use of a bullet in the 165 gr weight in 30 caliber. Most folks use the 150 gr offerings for medium game and the 180 gr for anything heavier. I shoot a 30.06 and wonder if it is right for me. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any replies.

02-13-2005, 16:26
Same reason there's a 140grn. bullet for the .270 WCF - some folks just can't make up their minds.

02-13-2005, 18:20
I'm not basing this on any first hand knowledge. I believe I read this years ago...

The .30 cal 165 gr. bullet was used for target shooting. It offered the best sectional density for a .30 bore. Years ago, I think the only 165 gr bullit was a HPBT for target use.

One of the reasons the .270 ballistics are so impressive (for the 130 gr bullit) is a sectional density of close to 1. This gives it incredible balance and it remains stable in flight.

Many owners of different calibers will talk about their down range performance. But, when recoil, cost, etc. are considered, the .270 is a remarkable round. This is due to the great sectional densitiy of the 130 grain bullit in a .270 bore.

FWIW, that's what I remember.

02-14-2005, 09:04
My primary hunting rifle is a 300 Wby Mag and my bullet of choice is 165gr. I hunt primarily whitetails, elk and mulies. For this range of game and in this caliber, I find the ballistics of the 165gr bullet to be optimal. I'll admit to not having tried any other bullet weight. My initial decision was based on the velocities I could handload to and the performance was such (both accuracy and performance on game) that I had no reason to try anything else. If I were hunting primarily moose or large bears, I would think about trying 180gr bullets and if I were just hunting antelope, I would think about dropping to 150gr. Considering the ballistics again, if I were loading for a 30-06, I would try to stick to the 150gr and when I load for the 30-378 Wby Mag, I choose the 180gr bullets. My primary basis for these decisions is to get the ballistics I want from the caliber I am shooting for the type of hunting I do. With the wide range of excellent bullets now, good terminla performance on game can beachieved at nearly any bullet weight.

02-14-2005, 09:33
165 shoots flatter than 180, and has move umph than 150.

Deer, target, and SD are the considerations.

If you hunt heavier game, then you have reason to go with 180.

My 2 cents.

02-14-2005, 17:22
because they are faster than 180's, have a high BC and a pretty good SD. They also shoot great out of my gun. I guess it is a personal choice, but they work great for me.


Tommy Gun
02-14-2005, 18:02
Would I be able to use the 165 as an all around bullet? That is to say that it would be effective on both medium and Heavy game?

02-14-2005, 20:20
if you were looking for a single load to do it all. a 165 barnes X bullet or a fail safe might every well be the thing to go with. these loads will out penetrate most 180's and still open up at long range on deer.