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02-18-2005, 06:23
Hi friends

Got my Total Gym yesterday, NIB, I bought off eBay. It was everything the seller said it was. So far I love it. It is so quite when you are using it, and the action is so smooth.

I bought it to tone upper body, so I haven't figured out the leg thingy yet, but will work on that this weekend. I am very pleased wtih the purchase. ^c

Perry F.
02-18-2005, 08:03

02-24-2005, 14:47
Got mine off ebay yesterday. My Mom's visiting so I won't get it out till this weekend after she leaves. Did your's come with good instructions and workout suggestions? Mine's supposed to have a couple of video's, and some kinda diagrams.

02-25-2005, 07:17
The one I recieved was in fact, NIB. I was a little clumsy putting it together, and trying it the first time, but was impressed from the get go.

After a couple of days, I watched the video that came with it, and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, realized I should have watched it first. There are tips for putting it together, as well as safely getting on and off the thing. I have had it a week last night, and have used it everyday for 20 minutes, sometimes twice a day (weekends).

It is everything they advertise it to be. I am pretty out of shape so I am using the 2nd setting up notch. I can feel the burn (gentle) all morning after I use it, so I know it is working. I am impressed with the ease and quietness, smoothness of the machine. I think this machine will be one that won't just sit in the corner.

Good Luck!;a

02-25-2005, 12:07
Which model did you get? It seems interesting ;f

02-25-2005, 14:04
It's the 1500 model I think, it was new in box from an internet store on eBay

02-28-2005, 14:38
Got my total gym out and started using it. Really like it so far, but I've got a lot to learn about all the different exercises you can do on it. Mine is a "Total Trainer" made by Bayou Fitness. Got it off ebay. My Missus wanted the model with the "Pilates" attachments. Including shipping it came to 400 bucks. Without the pilates costs about 50 bucks less. It's a real high quality machine. If you can get serious and stay serious about toning down, it will work. There's so many different exercises and workout programs that you can do on it, you shouldn't get bored. Mine came with a good instructional DVD, a good instruction manual, and several laminated workout cards that you can copy off and write on.