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02-19-2005, 15:27
I have no idea how old it is, as i bought it from my guitar teacher who bought it from someone, who bought it from someone who bought it from someone, who i guess bought it from someone, who bought it from someone. you know how that goes. the headstock simply says Fender stratocaster, no other markings(wtf is up with that?). its beat up paint wise, only one spot where the wood is actually damaged, mainly its the paint. i have been meaning to refinish it for a few years, but have yet to do so. i even had it dissassembled and was about to begin sanding off the paint and primer and was going to float the one damage spot on the body, but i put it back together because i just dont have the time to refinish this fine instrument.i have no idea how old it is, it has been painted ump teen different colors and you can see areas where someone painted it orange, and brown, and even red. it sounds amazing, you cant even imagine. the action is so low, its unreal. and despite the strats very round neck radius, it doesnt mute with bends on the upper register. the neck is straight as an arrow and this guitar has stood the test of time. must let go to put towards a police 870!!! i dont even play electric anyway, traditional folk/country is more my music style now. will send pics if interested, simply make an offer. for some reason this forum doesnt like my digicam. perhaps ill try to save to pc rather than direct load to post from cam, but im too lazy, works fine in email imprint!!!

Bullwinkle J Moose
02-19-2005, 23:23
Know its serial #? Go HERE ( to check it out. BTW if it is a vintage axe, refinishing it could hurt the value.

02-19-2005, 23:37
thats the problem, there are no markings on it other than "FENDER STRATOCASTER" when i took it apart i didnt see anything inside marked either, but its been a while.
edited to add---ive had people tell me all kinds of crazy things. one guy told me it isnt a fender at all, one told me it could of been a prototype. i donot believe the pickgaurd ass. to be orig. its too white. but you never know. i know i dont, ill check that place out, i appreciate it, i have never even bothered researching it online, its never really concerned me to much, i bought it only to refinish it, the paint is already ruined, its obviously been painted a million times already, and someone then tried sanding it down to probably repaint it, but never did. just my perception though, in the crevises theres a rainbow of paints.

Bullwinkle J Moose
02-20-2005, 10:25
If you go to the link I posted, there is info there about identifying and dating Fenders.

02-20-2005, 10:58
wow some of those pick gaurds look mighty white on some of those vintages there. its got black inlays, i dunno if they are the "clay" ones or not. i have no idea, i didnt buy it because i thought it was "collectible", i was going to refinish it. as far as hurting the value if it was a collectable it isnt now, the orig paint is totally ruined, it may not even be the orig. paint on it now, the blue i mean. i dunno. theres a rainbow in the crevises of this thing. im talking this thing has been painted by everbody and their dog. theres white under it, i think its a primer though. the neck is maple.and the body is a light wood. it sounds great and the neck is perfectly straight, which is pretty hard to believe.. there are spots where it is worn down to the wood(the paint and there is one spot on the back of the body that is a slight gouge, it isnt very deep though. the back plate is missing, i would consider it NOT to be a "spaghetti" logo. the tuners have round spots on the back of them. on the base not the nob, they are like indentations. they ARE NOT the kluson tuners, i can tell that much. i know i paid a hundred bucks for it, just because i thought it sounded better than any other strat i had ever heard. its at auction right now, thats my reserve. i hope i can get that for it. just thought id spread the word. i am needing another shotgun!!! my bridge does look vintage though,it matches those ones exactly. it may be the only orig hardware IF IT IS IN FACT vintage. the tremelo block is cast, which acording to the dating they did that in the early 70s? but the pots, i dont remember them looking like those milled ones, so i dont think they arent the vintage milled ones, i think they appear to be pressed. could it be a frankenstrat?!?!?!?!?! that would make sense as to of why i always thought the pickgaurd ass. was a replacement thing. its just too white. thats the problem with this guitar. there are things that both credit it as vintage, and discredit it. then again where i reside i get to talk to ruhtuhduhd folks in the guitar shops totally equiped with a lill dumb sindumb. the closest thing to an expert that i would consider is the man who gave me lessons. hes who i bought it from. he said he bought it because he thought it sounded amazing. he believed it to be a frankenstrat. he sold it to me to fund a gibson es-355tdsv. he wants it back, but i told him first come first serve. too bad he cant spare a hundred bucks today. i told him i need to pick up this shotty ASAP.

02-25-2005, 19:29

02-27-2005, 23:12
Can you post the link or PM me the auction address? I want to see pics of this badboy.

02-28-2005, 07:24
auction is over, sold to a gentleman in florida for 315 bucks. dont think im getting a police 870 anymore, but a sig p220 now. you know how that goes im sure!!!!!