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Sgt Steve
02-21-2005, 14:21
I'm the same guy who posted "Ok, what bike do I buy?". I'm posting a site on the web because I work at Extrude Hone and if you haven't heard of Power Flow you should look this up. I do not work directly in Power Flow but in Extrude Hone.

Tell ya' this...it works!


02-22-2005, 20:56
Extrude hone works fine for people that are trying to get every last ounce out of a motor, but there are many, many other things that gain more HP that should be done first. This is one of the last things I'd do to an intake or head.


Sgt Steve
02-23-2005, 07:51
45, I can't really address that with a yeah or nah because I"m relatively new to this game so I'd agree. I do know this...two years back we ran 17,000+ Ford Cobra intakes because the advertised HP wasn't being met. When we finished flowing,,,it was there.

It's info only...doesn't do anything for me on my V800 or here at work as it's a service more than a money maker. Think of the different heads and the tooling required...many years to get the investment back. What it does do is get our name out there...again.

03-01-2005, 01:53
Extrude honing is like every other modification. It is only as good as is weaker component. If you have some killer heads a cam work. Wont do much if you have stock intake. Same goes for exhaust, you need something that flows well to keep up with the new heads and intake. Its an endless circle of modifications. You just have to say that "I have enough power" and walk away. Unless you like to tinker like my self, tinker away and blow thousands upon thousands to get 20 more horsepower.

03-01-2005, 01:57
'93 cobra with extrude honed cobra intake, ported stock heads, 3.73 gears and a few other mods and I run 12.40 @116. And I have buddies with thousands more than that and they run a little faster. Then you have to really start upgrading fuel, brakes, suspension. You almost can't do one without the other.