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jp 19
02-22-2005, 11:09
soooooo any hammer dulcimer players out there?

no i didnt think so...... ;Q

02-22-2005, 18:48
To be honest, I've played just about every stringed instument that doesn't require a bow but a dulcimer. It is however, something I've always wanted to play. Basic Q time: What is the entry level cost for a decent instrument?

02-22-2005, 19:01
mountain d... Would love to take up hammered, too, but Mom won't loan it to me, and i can't afford a one right now...saving up for a Thompson, first. See, we're not all musical heathens here, just gun nuts with delusions of harmony.

jp 19
02-22-2005, 19:22
biker ahhhh lets see i would suggest trying dusty strings out of seattle http://www.dustystrings.com/index.shtml their least expensive (yet very good quality) is the prelude
about $400... but i would suggest the D10 about $600...
i like dusty strings cause that is what i play..... i have a D300
had it for about 10 years.... it has gone through a lot and still keeps perfect tune....why it even blew off a stage once picked it up and it wasnt even out of tune.... dusty strings instruments are very stable and very sturdy...... they arnt real hard to play....

mrs cicero........ steal moms.... you know sneak it out when she aint looking..... hey you have guns right...*L* J/K and didnt know Thompson made dulcimers....*L*

i am really surprised i got a response from this post.... i just put it in on whim......*L*

02-23-2005, 17:06
I dust a standard mountain dulcimer, but I haven't played it very much.