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02-24-2005, 17:46
Does anyone Bass Fish in Michigan?
I'm looking for some new waters to fish this summer.
I fish a lot of tournaments but looking for some good places
to take the Wife that has a lot of fish but dosent get a lot of

I must be able to launch a 20' bass boat. So little ponds wouldnt
help me.

Any help would be good.

Also, if there are any new baits that are out that seem to be working
I would love to hear about them.


03-05-2005, 10:47
Absolute best inland lake for bass is Flecther's Floodwaters. With all the stumps in there it's fishing only. No jet skis or pleasure boaters zipping arounds. Hit the Flecth July or August for no-stop bassing. Your from Flint so it's only a little over 2 hour drive. Nice Public launch.

Great thing is there are quite of few 30+ Northerns in there as well. Tons of pan fish which makes it great if you have little ones with you. Put a worm on there bobber and they'll catch a pile of fish.

Had my newphew with me he is 7 and loves fishing. Got him setup with worm and bobber and he catches this 3 inch gill. In the meantime I hookup with a decent bucket mouth. So Kyle is kind of holding the gill still on in the water letting it swim around. I put my bass back and walk over to see what he got going on. Right then a Northern takes his gill hard, dives under the boat and starts stripping line off Kyle's reel. I'd give a million dollars to have a picture of his face the second that pike hit that gill. SO I let him fight it a bit but his drag wasn't set right. I took his rig and about a couple minutes later boat a 35 inch pike.

Now the funny thing. That pike was not hooked! It just didn't want to let go of that gill. Took pic with kyle holding pike that he still has on his dresser. I'll over hear him talking when his buddies come over "I caught this fish and my uncle only got babies."


03-06-2005, 16:53
Don't know about lakes up there, but plenty of people are having lotsa luck with the "Kreature" from Yamamoto baits. Personally I like dragging a crawdad on a leadheaded jig. If you find a bedding bass and have trouble getting it to bite (the closer to the spawn, the more tight lipped they get), cast just past the bed, and shake the jig as hard as you can while keeping it on the bed. The more you drag it across the bed, the more mad that bass is gonna get. Was site fishing last week and came across 2 different beds with 3 different fish, all within 10 feet of each other. I was able to stand between the beds and cast at both. I hooked one fish 3 times, landed him twice, hooked the bigger fish once, broke line, the medium sized fish I wasn't able to do anything with. This is on a lake that is heavily pressured. The one bass I wasn't able to catch was pretty keen, he would take his nose and scoot my bait off the bed.

03-07-2005, 09:24
Thanks for Fletchers Pond but I fish 2 tournaments on that lake every year and every open weekend we go up there to stay at Lyons Landing and fish.
I LOVE that lake. I caught a 7.2 and a 6.7 Largemouth out of there last year! many fish over 4 - 5lbs.
I agree, It's one of the best lakes for large mouth bass in all of

If you fish Fletchers the bait I bust my big fish on are Pop-R's for top water and Jig-N-Pig's for just about everything else.

We also get alot of fish senko's wacky rigged and Berkley Powerbait
6" nightcrawler in black Texes rigged.

A good tournament to fish is the one out of Jacks landing in June.
every year there are over 100 boats.
Check it out at My partner and I have finished in the money the last couple of years up there.

Thanks for the reply


03-07-2005, 15:13
Your right, Jack's tournament is a good one. My boat took the biggest bass last year. Which, unfortunately was the only bass we boated. On Jack's website that's my fishing bud Jim holding the big bass. He's got a baby on the way due around the tournament date so we won't be making it this year.

As far as what works for me at Fletchers is a Northland 1/2 oz spinner with a white skirt with black hetching on it. We call 'em white knights. I've not had too much luck with plastic worms there. Too impatinent I guess. For topwater I love my perch poper bar. We stay at Charlies Landing or now its called Brown's North Shore Resort. We'll be up there for our annual camp 7/23 to 7/30.

If your up stop by the biggest cabin at Browns. YOu can tell it's us cause we have fish and beer christmas tree lights hung from the porch and a big beer sign hung on the side of the cabin.

Also, if Jackson county isn't too far there is a chain of 7 lakes just east of the city of Jackson. Big & Little wolf, and the biggest one is Centerline lake or something like that. It is alot like the Flectchers. It has stumps everywhere. A decent gravel DNR launch too. Nothing major but some okay fishing. The river system that connects all the lakes is a great spot to cast into the cattails. I've pulled lunkers from there before. You'd never think it. 5 to 6 lbs bass just sitting a foot or two offshore in the weeds.

Good luck and tight lines!

03-07-2005, 16:13
Thanks for the spinner color. Not sure what a perch poper bar is?
Funny you should say "Your Boat took big bass" My boat has taken 2nd and 4th place the last 2 years! I WAS NOT in the boat eather time!!!

I let my buddies use my Ranger the last 2 years and they have done real well. I think the boat just knows where to go because there not that good!! LOL
I've been fishing out of my buddies Triton. It's only 18.5 feet so we figure it will be easer to get around the stumps than in my 20' Ranger. BUT the way my boat has finished the last 2 years I may take it back:)

TO bad you cant make it up there this year. I go up with about 10 guys every year. 5 teams and the wifes! We have a good time and look forward to that weekend every year. On Sunday we have a husband and Wife tournament for about 5 hrs. That way we are able to get the girls out.

03-07-2005, 17:43
Yeah, I was in the boat but he got the fish. I did grab it so I sort of get an assist. At least I got my entry fee and some beer money back. The popper is just a regular popper bar in a perch color. It has an organe belly and works in summer heat with dead still water.

Have fun at the tourney!

03-08-2005, 10:48

Team Jinx after claiming big bass in 2004 Tourney

03-10-2005, 09:08
I figured with as big as glocktalk is, and as big as bass fishing is, this post would have recieved many more responses. Guess there really ain't many buckethead fanatics out there. Going up to Rodman Reservoir in a couple minutes! Hopefully I'll return with the state record................and yall think I'm joking, do a search on the internet for it.