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Voodoo Delnyc
02-25-2005, 15:03
NYC please raise your hands!!! Let's start this!!!

Voodoo Delnyc
02-26-2005, 20:34
WOW where are the New Yorkers?

Alan Antopol
02-26-2005, 23:35
Voodoo Delnyc,

Count me in.

Any idea how long it usually takes to receive a premises permit these days?


Voodoo Delnyc
02-27-2005, 11:33
OMG one person replied!!! It takes 6 to 9 months. But in the mean time you should check this place out - Westside Pistol Range (

Alan Antopol
02-27-2005, 20:45
Voodoo Delnyc,

You have mail.

Am sad for my friend, re the permit wait time. :-( He may have 6 months to go.

If you feel like replying to my e-mail, please use

Happy Weekend. Thanks Alan