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147 Grain
03-01-2005, 13:36
Looking for input on sighting in rifles with a 200 or 250 yard zeros, since I do a lot of western long range shooting on deer and elk with a 30-06.


Deer round is Federal 165-gr. (Speer Hot Core) 22" barrel at 2800 fps.

* 200 yd. zero = 1.96" high at 100 yds.
* 250 yd. zero = 3.04" high at 100 yds.

Elk round is Winchester or Federal 180-gr. (Nosler AccuBond) 22" barrel at 2700 fps.

* 200 yd. zero = 2.15" high at 100 yds.
* 250 yd. zero = 3.39" high at 100 yds.

Thank-you in advance of your expertise!

03-01-2005, 14:05
Looks like you are trying to do it from 100 yd. zero. Most balistic drop data to 500 yards give drops at 300, 400, and 500 yards starting from a 200 yard zero.

There should be data for those drops somewhere on the web, but I don't know where. With the 200 yd zero I use 5" drop at 300, 17-18" drop at 400, and 47-48" drop at 500 yds. this is for a 270 140 gr. bullet at 2800 fps.

03-01-2005, 14:52
I always sight in any big game cartridge that can reach out at least a little ways (not 30-30 etc) 3 inches high at 100 yards. If you have to reach out real far, aim at the very top of the back (NOT over the back). If you're in range, you'll put a good hit on him. If he's so far out your bullet drops under him, he's too far away to be shooting at to begin with.