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03-02-2005, 02:15
Not quite sure the name of it...obviously, but it's quite popular. It's a small handheld unit. Can't be more than 4 or 5 inches long (body) with a 2 or 3 inch antenna. The body is all black with small green numbers on the touchpad.

Anyone know which radio I'm talking about or am I talking jibberish here?

The reason I ask is because I'm considering buying one, provided a license is not needed to do so.



03-02-2005, 20:57
Yeah, thats about 25,000 radios. Sorry I can't help you.

Glock Bob
03-07-2005, 14:47
Do you have any experience with it? If so, what have you used it for? Are the characters themselves green, or the buttons are backlit green with black characters? Is it this?: (
Click image for a larger view.

03-07-2005, 22:16
Kinda looks like the one you posted only a darker black shiny plastic and oval shaped green lit buttons.



03-07-2005, 23:56
I have that radio, the Icom IC-T90A, great rig

Glock Bob
03-08-2005, 19:52
Originally posted by GSD17
I have that radio, the Icom IC-T90A, great rig

Yeah, I was drooling over it last night. Think I will again later tonight. I've been really interested in checking out 6 meter. However, I've only found one mobile that's 6 meter single (an Alinco). All the others are multibanders, which are mucho dinero. I have an Alinco DJ-195T 2 meter HT which is a great little radio. However, the battery life is horrible and I've been thinking of getting a new HT. I was thinking the T90 would be great as it would give me a replacement for 2 meter and 6 meter as a bonus (440 I really have no use for). However, I would mostly use it in my house and hook it up to my external antenna. It would seem 5 watts (or 6 or whatever) would not be very much. Is there an amplifier I could get to go along with it?


I'll keep looking. Do you happen to know anything else about the radio?

Glock Bob
03-08-2005, 19:56
This it?

03-08-2005, 21:03
I don't really know much about amplifiers, There is only 1 six meter repeater I can hit from here, and it is in Mentone Alabama. Other than that all I've ever done on 6m is just a simplex net we have every sat. night, occasionally they call out on it. The Mentone repeater is a very good ways from here. I can't hit it all the time and when I do it is usually very scratchy, and thats from my quadbander in the car... Yaesu FT-8900R w Comet UHV-4 Antenna.. My HS grad. present a year or two ago.

No use for 440? hmm.. thats odd how something used so much in one area is not in another, our main band here is 2m, then 440, hardly ever 6m and we have 1 220 repeater on Cheaha, but it is ill maintained. Where in Bama u from?

Glock Bob
03-08-2005, 23:38
I'm in Shelby County. I can hit a pretty good amount of repeaters from here:

Shelby County Amateur Radio Club
Birmingham Amateur Radio Club
Cheaha (sometimes, mostly at night)
Alabama Intercity Network (pretty weak signal, but I can get it most any time)

That's all on 2 meter. My friend and I played around on 440 one time (mobile) but could only get about one repeater. I guess I should hook up my 2m/440 rig to see what I can hit from my house.

I was thinking about 6m as it's as close to HF as I can get without upgrading to general or above. Oh well, my 2m single band HT works fine, except for the poor batter life. Does the T90 have a good battery?

03-08-2005, 23:52
GlockBob, nope that's not it. I also thought about it and who really cares if I find the radio I want. I don't know jack about them anyways. I mean I know how to use them, but as far as the bells and whistles go, makes no difference to me. I'm just looking for a decent handheld CB that is simple yet efficient and doesn't cost an arm and a leg.



Glock Bob
03-09-2005, 13:27
Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Not too many of the big CB makers make handhelds anymore it seems. However, Midland does make a good one that they've been producing for years and years (probably a good 8 years or so). It's the 75-822 ( It's got a removable battery case that can be replaced with an adapter that has a cigarette lighter and antenna lead. It's about $160, but it funcitons as both a handheld and mobile. You can just slide the radio off the car adapter, slide it onto the battery pack, and you're off. From what I can tell from the picture you can even add a speaker/microphone. Radio Shack ( makes one for about $25. You can buy a mount for the radio and use the microphone as a remote. Here's a good image of the Midland:

Midland makes only one other handheld that's about $50, but it seems to be about 2 feet long.

There's also Maxon, but I can't seem to find a website for them. It seems Wal*Mart may carry them, as well as a few other brands. Radio Shack may carry some of their own brand.

03-09-2005, 19:39
Well Glock Bob, We are right here by Cheaha, we mainly talk on the Coldwater repeater around here 146.780- no tone. But Cheaha is used almost as much. Cheaha has a 2m, 440, 220, and a weather station on the 2m. Maybe one night we could call out and get to talk to a fellow GTer!

Glock Bob
03-10-2005, 22:13
I found a great repeater network located throughtout the Birmingham area. It's owned by H&H Repeater Association. It's 147.460- for Eastlake. There's also remotes in Pelham, Bald Rock (St. Claire), Springville, and Birmingham. I can tap into the Bald Rock and Pelham remotes (keying up one keys up the other). Bald Rock has a 114.8 Hz tone. Give it a try and see if you can get out to it. It comes in full strength for me.

I think I'm about to retry my 440 and see if I can hit any repeaters.

EDIT: I can't seem to get to any 440 repeaters. What's the standard offset, +5 MHz?

03-11-2005, 05:10
Yes, +5 MHz. Many of the 440's are tone access, though.

Glock Bob
03-11-2005, 08:58
Yeah, the repeater list I use is kind of vague, especially if you have no clue about 440. Maybe I should Google up another list...

03-11-2005, 22:36
Yeah, I can hit the Bald Rock repeater just fine all the time, I'll holler at you one day, I would now, but my radio is in the car and I'm lazy lol.;g

Glock Bob
03-11-2005, 23:27
Gotta get ya a rig in the house. I don't have one in my car as it's a stick shift and that might be a little difficult. One day I'll get a truck again...with an auto, of course. My Icom 207 is just collecting dust. If only it had alphanumeric presets, then it'd be in use right now. That's why I stick with my IC-2100H as I can name the channels and know more or less where the repeaters are located and distance between me and them.

I'll leave it on Bald Rock in case you're ever on the air. BTW, what's your call? I remember seeing it in another thread but can't seem to find it now. Mine's KG4HLG. I know your's is a KI4, so I assume you got your license within the past couple of years.

03-11-2005, 23:50
My call is KI4FKW, I'll write yours down, I might call out tomorrow when I'm drivin around or something

Glock Bob
03-12-2005, 11:42
Roger that. I'll have to keep my radio on more. I hardly ever TX, so I've never really had a need to leave it on too much in the past.

04-10-2005, 00:25
Call sign here is KC3EK...of the VHF/UHF contest world, located in grid square FN00.
Well, yes you will need an FCC license to TRANSMIT on that, or any amateur rig, but listening is fine.

6 mtr. FM is pretty useless unless you have repeaters in your area. Also, 6 meters responds wildly to atmospherics. Good band openings in summer and weather fronts, with paths usually from N.E. to S.W.
Yaesu made a 6 meter multimode (FT-690) some years back, solid rig with battery pack or 12 volt and will drive a Mirage 100 watt amplifier.
Try AEA Electronics; Ham Radio Outlet; and Universal Radio of Ohio (to name a few) that have new and used gear.
I use an Icom IC-675 to drive a homebrew 6 meter amplifier that uses a pair of 4-400A tubes, for about 1,000 watts out when I contest, or the rig alone for ragchewing.
Multi-band; multimodes are cheaper than you may imagine, but I'm talking mobile variety....not a hand-held that is being shown.
Regards to KC3EK 5BDXCC SSB and CW.