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03-03-2005, 21:03
Took the rest of the engine parts to the machine shop yesterday. This should be everything I need to realize my dream bike. It's been over 4 years since I blew it up. It WAS 1216cc with 135hp/99ft-lbs. I hope it's worth the compromises and the summers not having my baby ridable. In case you care, I'm building a '91/'92 oil-cooled GSXR 750/1100. The motor has the following:

Epoxied & ported cylinder head w/ oversized Black Diamond valves, coverted to threaded adjuster for GS1150EFE mega cycle cams, decked .020", top end oiling kit

Pingel solid big block with JE 85mm 13.5:1 pistons (1340cc), "o-ringed" for copper head gasket

GSXR750 cases w/ 6-speed (back cut) and cable clutch (aluminum basket w/ 1100 final drive gear)

GSXR 1100 crank, lightened and balanced

Water-cooled rods (couldn't afford Carillo or Crower titanium ones)

40mm Mikuni RS flat-slide carburators w/ velocity stacks

DynaTek 2000 programable ignition, high-output coils, and wires

Murray 4-1 ceramic coated exhaust

I'm really excited for this summer. I've got some scores to settle. And if this bike can't do it, I'm selling everything I've got and getting a Hayabusa w/ Velocity turbo. I can hardly sleep! Anybody else here build bikes? I don't care what kind it is, they're all cool if they go "vroooom"!