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03-04-2005, 21:31
Frame and tub are 1989 Wrangler, but things get cool from there.

Engine is an AMC 401 followed by a TF-727 auto and a CJ transfer case. The axles are Grand Wagoneer pieces from '76 and '82. In all, five donor vehicles were used. To finish everything, it was painted by a friend under a carport. Total cost was about $6000.

03-04-2005, 23:40
That is an awesome jeep. ~2

03-04-2005, 23:50
Very nice.

03-06-2005, 00:50
Is that your daily driver or will you put some offroad tires on it and make it your weekend toy?

03-06-2005, 17:16
Originally posted by JellyBelly
Is that your daily driver or will you put some offroad tires on it and make it your weekend toy?
Actually, it was recently sold. But it was very streetable, even with fabricated steering linkage required when the axles were swapped. The local race shop helped with making new heim jointed tie rods.

03-20-2005, 19:55
Did you ever just smile and raise the hood when someone said "Those early model Wranglers are junk"?

If i could figure out how to get one smogged in Kallyfornya i'd love to build one with a amall block Chevy.

03-22-2005, 21:00
Very interesting choice of engine. When I lived back in Buffalo NY, alot of us owned jeeps. 401's are awesome motors!!

03-24-2005, 22:35
My husband has a mistress
With whom he does not sleep,
He'll ride her and rock her
Because she is his Jeep.

We can't go out to dinner
The bills can't be sent,
Shocks, suspension and lift kit,
The paycheck has been spent.

All the mods being added
Makes the Jeep start to rise,
All I can think about is:
What a workout for my thighs.

It's really getting late
And he still isn't home,
He must be in the woods
Looking for a place to roam.

Here he comes now
And he's got mud on his shirt,
He must have had the top off
When he went playing in the dirt.

I went to look at "Swee'Pea",
His nickname for his Jeep,
The mud puddle he found
Must have been waist deep.

Mud was caked on the fenders,
The seat and the hood,
His Jeep can go anywhere
That others wish they could.

The next morning he will drive her
To work for others to see,
And then come home that evening
And scrub her clean as clean can be.

The top being off in winter
In rain, sleet or snow,
Gets lots of strange looks
But makes my husband glow.

We took the Jeep on our honeymoon,
We went to Myrtle Beach,
Hurricane Floyd was in the forecast
And us he would eventually reach.

Trees, debris and water
Filled the entire road,
But Al took out the Jeep
And she would not be slowed.

We drove without the doors on
In the pouring rain,
He handed me an umbrella
When I started to complain.

I should get as much attention
But I guess I have no choice,
I guess I should count my blessings
That her name isn't Monica or Joyce.