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03-09-2005, 21:12
Do any of you own this pedal or maybe tried it out to give me some info...I asked about a digitech metal master awhile ago but at Musicians i can get a Line 6 for 20 bucks more which has many more settings than the digitech.

03-10-2005, 19:37
What kind of songs are you wanting to do with it? What kind of amp and guitar?
Not all pedals sound good with all guitars and amps, so what sounds good to my ears on my gear may not sound good to you on yours, dig?

I've tried just about all the pedals they carry at GC and sell on MF and zZounds, and they all pale in comparison to a proper amp tube distortion.

My favorite distortion pedal is the original Proco Rat.
The reissue Vintage Rat isn't bad either. At least for that Marshall high gain sound.

Basically, with a real good amp, the line 6 sounds pretty good, but with not so good amps, and with single coils it sounds a little brittle to me.

If I was going to get a distortion pedal right now, I'd get a Boss DS-1 and send it in to Analog Man for their Super mod.
Sound sample -

03-12-2005, 10:09
I'm playing an old Gretsch Firebird and an older Fender Twin reverb (im not sure what the date is on either, they are my dads) but i am also using a Laney Hardcore 15 watt practice amp(clean or crunch channel). The laney is brand new and sounds very good i just want to change the type of distortion I have. The laneys distortion is nice but its not much more than my tube screamer.

I also want a pedal that can do slight distortion all the way to mettalica style and more.

03-12-2005, 16:32
Well, remember to buy it from someplace that has a good return policy if you don't like how it sounds.

Goldendog Redux
03-27-2005, 21:19
While it may not be the metal tone you are looking for, I bet that Gretsch/Twin/Tube Screamer sound pretty darn good.


Goldendog Redux
03-27-2005, 21:19

03-28-2005, 16:21
I'm running through a Digitech PR200, but I often use my Ibanez or Boss distortion pedals and my amp (Crate GX 4x12) reverb. I'm playing on a mid-'80's Les Paul that's perfect for heavy stuff.

It's really loud, but with the right settings can be super clean and sound great with some heavy distortion.

I play a lot of drop-D on our faster stuff, and this setup works pretty well so far.