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03-11-2005, 11:50
Well, I am about halfway through the EMT (Basic) class in Illinois. I thought this was going to be easier that it is. I am a LEO by trade (full time). I just joined my city's fire/rescue department, and am now smak dab in the middle of the EMT class.

Have any of you ever felt that you are overwhelmed by information when you took yours? My current score is a 90%, and I am working my butt off to keep that. The EMT's in my area operate under expanded scope of practice, so I am told we can do somethings that other EMT's cannot.

Tom;g ;g ;g ;f

03-11-2005, 11:58
You'll be fine ;) Just take each chapter and test "ONE-AT-A-TIME"!
Keep on reading your course material whenever you have a free moment.
If you have free time, get your course syllabus out and try to read ahead.:) When it comes to the hands-on stuff...PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE :cool: until you can do it in your sleep.

Since you're half way thru the course, you know what's expected of you. Have you done any field work yet? (ambulance, FD, ER)

Good luck, have fun and thanks for stepping up! ^c

03-11-2005, 12:01
Good job on your training, keep it up.

Remember that there relatively few absolutes in EMS. Here are some of them:

1. All bleeding eventually stops
2. Asystole is a very stable rhythm
3. Air goes in & out, blood goes round & round, and deviations from these cycles are a bad thing
4. If you drop the baby, pick it up

03-11-2005, 13:17
Okay, I'm polish and even I think I can remeber those four things!;)
We just finished a portion of the course in which we cover five chapters all in one week. The test is next tuesday. The chapters were all cardiovascular emergencies, respitory emergenices, Pharmacology, patient assement and Shock.....

So I have one helluva lot of reading to do over the weekend. Thank god this is my long weekend off....I have to admit, I thought after being a cop for 14 years, that this is all I wanted to do. I am excited over all the new material, there is just so damn much to remember. I am kinda a perfectionist, so it is hard to think that I will screw up in the field.

I am a ceritfied first responder/CPR/AED from the PD, so the fire department gave me a pager and told me to respond to the department for all pages fire and ems, to get road time in.

Thanks for the kind words!

Tom;c ;c ;c ;c ;c ;c