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03-12-2005, 15:25
When it comes to trucks, what do you like better

03-12-2005, 17:59
Chevy's interiors are cheap. But Chevy offers more engine choices, though I have heard the Duramax is a dog. If I were to buy one I would buy a Ford, unless given the choice to buy a Dodge.

03-12-2005, 19:19
If I had to buy a DUMBestic full size truck, I'd go Ford. Preferably the SuperDuty with the PSD.

03-13-2005, 21:51
If we are talking about the current '05 offerings, then I think the Ford F150 wins hands down. It is a brand new design and a good one at that.

The current Chevy Silverado is warmed up leftovers. The interiors are ugly and cheap looking while Ford has made big improvements.

Actually, I can't wait to see what Chevy does when they redesign the Silverado. Whatever they come up with, it better be good if it is going to compete against Ford, IMHO. And to take it a step further, I would like to see what their answer will be for the new Ford Mustang.

03-15-2005, 20:29
I've owned a `99 F150 4x4 with 36k miles on it and it was in the shop once a month. But, it got decent gas mileage for a V8 (5.4L got 18mpg on the hwy) and it looked nice, then I bought a `92 Ford F250 with 42,000 miles on it. It was very reliable and never had a single problem, but the 460 was a bit gutless.
I then bought a `98 Chevy 2wd with the 305 vortec V8 and a 5 spd and it got great mileage for a truck; 23mpg on the hwy. I also put about 20k trouble-free miles on it, but right before I traded it in it started losing coolant, which I was told was a sign of a bad intake gasket.
I was very impressed with the Chevy as far as comfort, mileage, and driveability.
But, if I was in the market for a 3/4-ton, it would be the Ford Superduty hands down.
For a 1/2-ton, it would be the Nissan Titan 1st, then the Toyota tundra, then the Ford, then the Chevy.

03-15-2005, 20:47
Both have cheap interiors.

I think the Chevy wins out in the engine category, for diesel, as the Duramax 6.6L with Allison tranny is a nearly unbeatable combination. I don't like the exterior styling as much as the Ford, however, but engineering competence makes up for this. Function over Form.

03-15-2005, 21:17
Originally posted by CGuns
but engineering competence makes up for this. Function over Form.
I prefer a solid axle over an IFS setup any day. It is stronger and more reliable.
That alone eliminates Chevy from any consideration in 4wd trim.

03-15-2005, 22:54
I realize pros and cons of both. Why do you dislike IFS, though?
It is a PIA, constantly adjusting, etc...Just curious.

Regards, CGuns

03-15-2005, 23:54
Late 40s, chevy
Early 50s chevy
Mid 50s ford
Late 50s, none they just don't appeal to me
Early to mid 60s, chevy though I do like the ford FE series of motors.
late 60s chevy

03-16-2005, 07:24
I like the new F150s and plan on getting one next year,however I really enjoy driving the 99+ Check trucks. Nice bodystyle,decent ride and can tow without any problems.

03-16-2005, 18:08
From what Business Week says, along with CNN, the F150 platform has long since been America's favorite truck and the most prolific Ford model ever produced. It would behoove them to build a quality product that is the market leader and offer it at a fair price for the quality, thus indicating a price to quality and performance ration better than others in the same category. I think they have accomplished this. 2 of my buddies bought new F-150's and I have ridden in both. The interior is very nice and it seems to have some power. The interior was a big improvement.
JMHO and 2 cents, CGuns

03-16-2005, 20:25
Originally posted by CGuns
I realize pros and cons of both. Why do you dislike IFS, though?
It is a PIA, constantly adjusting, etc...Just curious.

Regards, CGuns
I can't leave anything I own stock, and the solid axle system is much cheaper and easier to modify.
Plus, There is much more articulation (in modified vehicles) with a solid axle system than with IFS, although IFS enjoys a theoretical advantage due to it simply being IFS.
But, there are so many built-in limitations to extreme articulation with the IFS design.

Here you can see a Hummer H1 on an RTI ramp, which is used to measure articulation. You'll notice that the Hummer's pass. side front tire is airborne. That is not good. That tire is getting absolutely no traction.

Now look at this old Bronco, which has a modified solid axle/leaf spring suspension in the rear and a solid axle/coil spring suspension in the front. It is able to maintain tire contact with the ground at extreme angles, which is very good for off-roading.

03-16-2005, 22:17

I am amazed that this hasn't turned into a tooth and nail fight over which is best. Glad to see there is some civility left on the internet.

Now I am going to chime in. I have been raised a Ford man. However, I have realized now that Ford does make just as many POS cars/trucks as any other domestic brand. But, I still love Fords, well..... just because. If I were going to buy a new truck, it would be a Toyota. I have leaned that they offer an excellent product that holds up very well. If I had to buy a domestic truck. Well, then it would be Ford, again, just because I like Ford for no reason inparticular.

Also I do like the new F-150's styling. Same goes for the new superduty. But that is purely subjective.

03-16-2005, 23:44
Now I understand, you like to toy around with the suspension and not leave it stock.
The H1's fully independent suspension wouldn't allow such items to be fitted. Great pictures and description. Thanks for sharing!

Regards, CGuns

03-25-2005, 12:43

I am on my second blue 4x4 4.0L XLT Ranger. My Atlantic Blue (Electrc Blue) 99 was used daily as a patrol vehicle in an old job. It was put in every conceivable driving condition and surface and got stuck once, in a Fort Collins snowstorm in 2/2003. How did it get stuck? I drove it into a 6 foot tall plow drift for fun. It *ALMOST* made it out. It high centered though, and was pulled out by a 4x2 F-150 :)

My 04 SOHC 4.0L has lost a race only to a newer 4.6L mustang GT 5 spd. I raced a 96-98 auto GT and walked it. I also raced a 2002 Tacoma with a 3.4L/5spd and TRD blower and pulled even with it down a highway over 4-5 runs.

The Tacoma owner followed me until I pulled over, and demanded to know the method of Forced induction I used on the ranger and ***** his pants when I told him it was stock with a K&N drop in and the silencer removed from the airbox;a

i think the 04 is so fast because it's optioned with the nice wheels/exterior/big engine/4.10s and NO carpet/ manual windows-locks and weighs nothing;f

I guess I just like Fords more. My buddy has an 02 Silverado with a broken radio with worn out buttons that you can't read and a fuel guage that works when it wants and no heater;g

03-26-2005, 22:10
I have done Lifts on both. I have seen what happens before and after. And I will also repair the "F" ups this next few weeks from MOAB;Q
If you drive on the road only, chevies are okay, the trannies hold up, the front ends suck (will not hold and alignment properly and not enough adjustment) Saying that the Ford F-150's also suck for anything other then on road driving.
If you want a hunting rig or on/off road vehicle get a S/D with a V-10 or Stroker. Even then you need to get the proper offset rims to make $400 wheel bearings to last.

03-27-2005, 01:09
It's all about the same. At least with Ford you can get a solid front axle on the 3/4-tons and up. GM is reatarded for discontinuing that as an option. I think GM stuff is easier to troubleshoot and work on. I think quality is pretty much equal. GM usually has a more comfortable seats but Ford usually has more room.

03-28-2005, 23:14
For a diesel, there's the Super Duty and then there's everything else. :)

04-02-2005, 15:23
I agree you cant beat the Power Stroke! International makes a great Diesel.... The new 6.0 is sweet, but still love the rumble of the 7.3l :cool:

05-01-2005, 18:56
I like the ford trucks. I drive a 96 Bronco.

05-01-2005, 19:55
I was raised a Chevy man so I'm gonna have to go with that. Personally not too fond of the newer trucks. The looks are ok, but it's a pain in the arse to work with all that computer controlled stuff. I'm old school and prefer everything mechanical. My ideal truck would be a mid 80's chevy pickup with a built up motor/tranny. However if it was a diesel, I'd have to go with the PowerStroke, it's one heck of an engine! (Just don't let my dad know that!)

05-02-2005, 00:15

They all suck,buy a Studebaker or Hudson pickup and then you will have something;f

05-02-2005, 13:43
Wow, that's some serious articulation on that jeep! Designed for rock crawling mabye?

I have 2 friends who had Super Dutys with the 6.0, I did a lot of towing with them, going to races and such - though I think the 7.3 is more durable, stock to stock, the 6.0 is a lot better for towing. It just seems to make significantly more power in stock-to-stock configuration. Anyhow, virtually 99.9% of the farms that I see here in WI have one or more Super Duty of some sort on the property, with a few Silverado HDs scattered around here and there.

One of the two friends mentioned above recently traded in his Super Duty for a '05 F-150 Lariat, 4-door, loaded with everything. Sure is a big improvement over the old '150, as far as ride quality, quietness, and the fit and finish appears to be much better.

J. Parker
05-02-2005, 16:10
"I've heard this" or "I've heard that"............If you don't own a particular truck or have hands on experience with said truck then you're just blowing hot air.;Q

I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado Duramax diesel with 60,000 miles on it and it's been a damn nice truck. Looks nice and performs well. No complaints whatsoever.

05-06-2005, 21:41
In my opinion....get the Chevy. I have a 97 model with the 6.5 turbo diesel, it ain't no Duramax for sure, but I got 190,000 miles on it, and if it was to blow up tomorrow, I'd fix it and keep on going. Got no complaints about it, been a damn good truck. Now I can't say Ford wouldn't do that, or Dodge(well maybe after 3 or 4 transmissions!!), but mine has pulled everything from a bass boat, race cars, Bobcats, trackhoes, and even a mobile home( yup, a mobile home, actually broke the mobile home frame in half, the tongue is touching the very back corner!). So my point is... mine has some very tough miles on it, and it's still kickin'.

I'm not just hell bent on Chevy rules,...but I know of several buddies that has had the Ford and the Dodge heavy duties, and they now own Chevrolet's. I might buy a Ford Super Duty one day(maybe), but you couldn't give me a Dodge. And yes, I HAVE drove them all. But opinions are like a..holes, everybody's got one.

05-11-2005, 15:56
I like sport trucks, so that makes me a Bow Tie boy. I don't have anything against Ford; Chevy just makes for a better sport truck. I have a 98 Silverado with a Vortec 350 and have had no problems with it. As well my 96 Impala SS and 05 Tahoe are also beauties to drive.

05-11-2005, 17:46
Originally posted by RaiderCop
I like sport trucks, so that makes me a Bow Tie boy. I don't have anything against Ford; Chevy just makes for a better sport truck. I have a 98 Silverado with a Vortec 350 and have had no problems with it. As well my 96 Impala SS and 05 Tahoe are also beauties to drive.
I had a `98 Chevy Silverado, also. It was a decent truck, in fact, it was a great highway truck, and I was also in the process of rodding it, but I got a job 75 miles away and needed something with better mpg, wven though the Chevy was very respectable at 23 mpg on the highway.
Only problem I had with mine was the bad intake manifold gasket, and I traded it in on my `05 Nissan before I got it fixed.
I do concede that the Chevy was a very good truck, but the 4wd models just never seemed beefy enough for me.

<img src='' width=600 height=450 >

This is the truck I traded in for my Chevy, and I have regretted it ever since, even though the Chevy was a much better commuter, I loved that beefy Ford;1

<img src='' width=640 height=480 >

05-11-2005, 20:37

My little brother is a GM Tech for Vassar Chevrolet in Napa CA and he warned me about the intake manifold gasket on the Vortec 350. So I had one on hand when mine crapped out. I changed the plastic sleeve on the coolant intake as well since it will go brittle and crack. Just too much plastic on all newer vehicles period! My victory red extended cab has 18" American Eagle rims, big fat Toyo tires; K&N filter charger intake and a flowmaster exhaust. Some day I will get around to a 3/4 drop. I love my truck and the way she rides and sounds. The new Chevys are nice truck, but I hate the cat eye front ends.