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03-14-2005, 21:30
I am going to try turkey hunting this year for the first time. What are some good instructional videos for calling.

03-15-2005, 08:32
There are several good ones on calling ....

Cody Instructional DVD (

Quaker Boy Friction Calling DVD (

Quaker Boy Mouth Calling DVD (

I think you might want to try a c.d. or tape that includes real wild turkeys recorded also. Lovett Williams makes some great ones as does Cody...

Real Turkeys IV (

Real Turkeys III C.D. (

Cody - Turkeys to learn by C.D. (

I would suggest getting the Cody DVD and the Cody CD. Watch and learn. Then practice, practice, practice, practice. Listen to the C.D. and then try to mimmick the calls from the real turkeys. The C.D. will play a hen's call then pause so that you can practice.

It takes time and I would suggest starting off with one call and practice with that one call until you get good with it and build up confidence with it.

If you have any more questions let me know. Good Luck.

03-15-2005, 22:39
I will be hunting in southern Indiana, in some hilly country. I have no fields to hunt over but I do have a horse pasture and the rest is woods. Where would be the ideal place to set up in a situation like this? What signs should I look for to locate turkeys? Do they use a regular trail like a deer?

03-16-2005, 16:01
Where would be the ideal place to set up in a situation like this? The ideal place is to where the gobbler wants to be or is headed. That will depend on where the hens will be and your general terrian. Horse pasture sounds nice, logging trails/roads, saddles, benches, open ridges, etc.. etc.. A gobbler will like to be somewhere where he can see a good distance. This protects him from predators and also allows him to see the hens coming in. Granted with spring gobbler hunting we are going against his nature of letting the hen come to hen and reverse it by trying to call him in. It helps to be in an area that he feels comfortable in, unless the mood strikes him enough, then he might come anywhere.

What signs should I look for to locate turkeys? When you are scouting turkeys you need to look for roosting areas, droppings, feathers, tracks, dusting areas and strut zones. Now should be a good time as the bachleor groups and family groups are starting to break up. The fall turkeys will move from their fall areas to the spring areas, where the hens have nested before. (not a written rule as there is no written rules when it comes to turkeys ;) ) Here is a good page on scouting spring turkeys... Wild Turkey Zone - Scouting Tips (

Do they use a regular trail like a deer? Turkeys will use a general area(s) but not a common trail like deer will. They may come down the same ridge or logging road from a roosting area to a feeding or strutting area so knowing their travel patterns is a good thing. Just don't hold these areas to gospel. Remember no written rules ;) However, if you know a gobbler likes to roost on a certain ridge and then go court hens on a certain food plot, your doing good.

Keep the questions coming and I'll try to help ya'.

P.S. Come over to if you like and get some great answers from some great guys & gals.

03-17-2005, 00:14
Thanks for the help I think I am going to get a couple of videos and a cd. The owner of the land that I am leasing says he sees turkeys all the time, so hopefully he can help me out as far as locating them as well.