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03-17-2005, 04:31
My question is regarding Hornady factory ammo for the .480. The 325 gr. is fairly common and carried. It must be a little short at the moment 'cause most online retailers have it backordered. I did see that cheaperthandirt has some Hornady 400 gr. rounds in stock. The Hornady website doesn't even list the 400 gr. round for the .480, only the .475 linebaugh, which I realize is the bigger brother to the .480. I would guess that Hornandy maybe had a short production run using the 400 gr. bullet intended for the .475 and made some 480 cartridges? I have yet to see it elsewhere. It peaks my interest. I am gearing up for a boar hunt in April. Last hunt I used the 325 gr with outstanding results on a young boar. This trip I intend to take a mature trophy boar and picked up some Speer 325 gr. GDSP for it. It should prove adequate, but a 400 gr. JHP bullet may be better. Buffalo Bore is the only other one I have found that produces a heavier bullet (410 gr.) cartride, but they are a bit proud of it on price. If I was hunting griz' or the like that would be just fine, but a little strong for boars cost wise in my opinion. YMMV.
Has anyone made use of the Hornady 400 gr. cartride?
Much obliged for any info.