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03-20-2005, 23:36
What are some sources to find info on family Vets, like medals awarded, etc. My cousins and i were talking about recreating pops' WW2 medals, insignia, etc that were lost in a fire c.1955 All we know is he was a BAR operator in the 4th marine Division

03-21-2005, 07:21
Go here...


03-21-2005, 07:25
Go to or try You have to fill out a form on line need to know selective service no. took me about 3 weeks , good luck you father will be happy! After you get the records try going to medals america and get them and also a shadow box to display them it would make him PROUD!:) :) ;? ;?

03-21-2005, 09:18
I 2nd jerryd's recommendation of Medals of America.

I've made a couple of purchases from them and will be making a few more in the future.