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03-21-2005, 13:44
i am thinking about getting a triumph as my next bike. i have not seen one in person though, so i am going on pure second hand info at this point. any opinions, yea or nay? is it bigger than a sportster, cause that was my last bike and i felt like the gorilla riding a tricycle ar the circus. i wanted something that was physically larger, engine displacement is not that important to me on a cruiser. but i want a big bike that fits me better. thanks.

03-21-2005, 15:05
It does seem to me that the current Triumphs are rather petite in size. Of course the older Triumphs weren't that big either, so maybe they're trying to keep the company's theme going. And then there's the Rocket Three if you want a really, really, really big cruiser.;P

03-21-2005, 15:15
that is what i was afraid of, they look kinda small. of course, this is just judging from pictures. nearest triumph dealer is 120m away. might just keep looking, the search for the perfect cruiser goes on.

Texas T
03-21-2005, 20:48
Originally posted by Archangel
the search for the perfect cruiser goes on. Honda VTX?

03-22-2005, 11:46
i think i like the road star warrior a little better, if i was to go that route. of course, i could always find a good, discounted v-rod, i think i am the only one who likes them. they don't seem to be flying off the shelves around here. it's sort of a futuristic cruiser, i likey.

03-22-2005, 13:52
Or better yet, the HD Street Rod. It has more attitude than the V-Rod.

03-23-2005, 06:44
We are certain that you are not the only one who lusts after the Harley V-Rod. There are at least two of us. Alas, they are sufficiently expensive to be well out of our limited reach. Perhaps someday...

We like the big Warrior also. We have not ridden one, but understand that the performance is first rate, especially for the $$$. If a cruiser with some performance is what you desire, we think you would be hard pressed to do better.

If you like the Triumph's, have you considered one of the Japanese "big naked's?" The Kawasaki ZRX-1200 strikes us a prime candidate. Recently, a poster here was surprised by his spouse with one of these. The lucky swine...

All of the Japs build similar rides to the ZRX, and probably all will satisfy. Think on this.

We trudge on.