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California Jack
03-21-2005, 21:01
I know ateamer and maybe Joshua can help, but anyone else please join in. I finally brokedown, and hauled my wife's adjustable bench out to the garage and tried bench press. First time I've benched in 15 years. Today, I read an article by Dave Tate and thought I'd give WSB a try. So my questions are;

1) Can the Westside template be adjusted to three workouts per week? If so, how? Being 45, I think I need the extra rest.

2) When doing the accesory work, Tate suggested various rep/set schemes depending on which day it is (ME or DE). How would I gauge intensity for these other exercises? Are they to failure? Perhaps one rep short of failure?

3) I workout in my garage. I still have to park both vehicles in it. Space is a premium. What do recommend for alternate exercises for glute/ham and for reverse hypers?

4) For Tricep push down (or whatever they're called), could I uses something like Ironminds Fableled Cables instead of a machine? You know, put one end of the cables to a wall mounted hook and use one of the handles.

5) If I watch intensity, could I still do 8 to 10 singles of either snatch or clean and jerk every workout?

That's it for now. Though I'm sure I'll have more questions once I start getting replies.


03-21-2005, 21:54
Off the top of my head, stifflegged deadlifts done either low rep or Dimel-style (return the bar to knee level, one or two sets of 20 done at maximum speed with 50% of your best max DL) is probably the best substitute for GHRs and reverse hypers.

For pushdowns, the rubber cables or Jump Stretch anchored to something work great. Just remember, they are a finishing-off exercise or done on a rest day for active recovery.

As far as three days a week, it shouldn't be a problem. Just adjust the spacing of your workouts to what works best for your recovery abilities. Some GPP work on off days might help, too.

A few snatches at the end of a session probably won't hurt.

There are lots of great articles which should answer all these questions here: http://www.elitefitnesssystems.com/elite-articles/EFS/default.asp Also check the "Ask Dave" Q&A on their site. I think most of those questions have answers in there - it is a pretty extensive site.

California Jack
03-21-2005, 22:12
Thanks ateamer. Being that I haven't benched since I re-started lifting about 4 years ago, I'm going to try some old school 5x5 benching scheme for a while. Than I'm gonna jump in on the WSB, probably around the beginning of summer. I'll start commiting the Elite Fitness site to memory starting tomorrow:cool:

GPP is part of why I may only lift 3x/week. GPP twice lifting, 3x, and 2 sons will pretty much fill up my week.

Oh yeah, you're on the top of my list when it comes to questions, so once I start, you'll probably be getting some messages from me.

Hey, how's your injury healing? Fully recovered?


03-21-2005, 23:40
Ask away. If I don't know, I can usually find the answer. The 5x5 to start with sounds good. Jumping right into a WSB routine would probably be too much; it's more for someone with a pretty good base.

The hamstring is healing up really well. Physical therapy is done this week. I have worked up to squatting a whopping 115 for 25 reps. Next week, I should be able to begin a progression that will start with 135 for 12 and wind up in six weeks at 325 for four. The funny thing is, the "bad" leg now has better range of motion and flexibility than the uninjured one. I can also break parallel with just the bar, something I haven't been able to do in a couple years because I got lazy about flexibility and the hips and hams were so tight it took 225 to do it.

California Jack
03-22-2005, 20:10
Good news on the hammie ateamer.

At least one more question; Do you think a couple of cylces of western periodization is called for after I do a 5x5 rep scheme prior top starting WSB?