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Grey Wolf
03-23-2005, 22:52
Hey all. I am finally going to take the lunge and get my ticket. I plan on testing April 30th at the Ham fest at the Bell County Expo Center Its sponsored by the Temple Amateur Radio Club ( also )

I am mainly look for a rig to use while storm spotting (2 meters) and maybe one for my truck. I have my radio for work (police officer) so it will not be used for emergency type comms.
I am thinking of a portable, and a few batteries, and maybe a mobile for the truck. Money as always is an issue. I am hoping to find a good deal on a used handi and/or mobile at the ham fest.

Searching radios I have found that there are way too many for me to learn about in a few weeks.

What radios should I look for and what should I stay away from? I am looking to spend no more than $150, hopefully less than $100. I should be able to find a good used rig for well under $100 right?

Glock Bob
03-24-2005, 22:15
I'd stick with Icom or Yaesu. I have two Icom mobiles, a 207H and a 2100. The 2100 is my favorite as it has a larger display and alphanumeric memory-naming system. The 207H doesn't allow for naming presets, but it does have a detachable faceplate and it's a dual bander (2m and 440). You can mount the radio under a seat and have the remote faceplate within easy reach. The microphone uses a Cat5-type cable so extending it is fairly inexpensive.

I recently purchase a Yaesu VX-5R ht tri-band (6m, 2m, 440). I haven't TX'd on it yet, but it's quite a little gem. Battery life seems to be very long. I have an old Alinco DJ-195T 2m which is a great ht, but battery life is minimal at best. However, methinks I overcharged it and ruined its useful life. I may be in the market to sell it if you're interested.

Grey Wolf
03-25-2005, 02:20
Thanks Bob, you have a PM in your box.

Any other thoughts and or ideas?

Stay safe

Grey Wolf

03-25-2005, 08:37
I agree with GB about the Icoms, I have a 2100 I use for mobile and a V8000 as a base rig. I find the Icom radios to be the easiest to program. I also have a new IC-V82 HT and think it's a big improvement over the V8 model.

Glock Bob
03-25-2005, 13:00
I forgot about the V8000. Seems quite a few on this board run them. They can push out like 75 watts. Pretty dang impressive for a small mobile rig that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Zulu Alpha
03-25-2005, 20:25
IC-V8000 +1

Works good for storm spotting and it also has a WX alert (not the S.A.M.E kind but good enough) that lets you know if the NWS is sending out alerts with your SKYWARN observations, or when to start looking for bad WX :) BTW some of the 2m mobiles after the IC-V8000 also have this feature also.

Look up the IC-V8000 group on yahoo and look around. We moderate it to keep out the spam, so when you sign up just add GT in the subject line or that you are interested in the V8000 so our filters will let you in :) 73!


Grey Wolf
03-26-2005, 03:26
Sorry to beat the proverbial horse, but what about an Icom 2100 for $100. Not all the features of the V800 but within my price range and I already have a Wx radio.

I am going to jump on it unless someone can say its bad.

Thanks again

Grey Wolf

03-26-2005, 19:46
I also have a 2100 for mobile use. It has been flawless.
I also have a 207H for a base unit.

Glock Bob
03-27-2005, 23:38
Originally posted by KG4IDA
I also have a 2100 for mobile use. It has been flawless.
I also have a 207H for a base unit.

I have the inverse of that setup. However, my 207H is sitting in the floor as I have little room in which to mount it in my car. However, I much prefer the remote faceplate as it's easier to install in a vehicle. If it just had alphanumeric naming it would rock.

03-28-2005, 18:32
Originally I did have the 2100 for a base unit and I bought the 207 to replace a Yesau 7100 for a mobile. There is little 70cm activity around here and I found I didn't use the 207 except on 2m so I switched them.