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03-25-2005, 15:05
i am new to the forum and i have had my chl for over a year now. i have been looking at guns for over 6 months and i have narrowed it down to the glock30. now i ride alot to work and back and i travel all over texas in my truck. my question is does anyone ride a crotch rocket and carry a glock30? i am looking for some feedback on how comfortable it is and what is the best carring method. IWB, i assume this means Inner Waist Band???, seems like my best option. i have been looking at this contraption.

the only problem i have is that man does it have to be that close to ur goods lol. j/k its not that big a deal...

i thinkk this is my best option cause my tech mesh riding jacket might show it in the back or possibly on the sides cause of the lean angles on my bike. thanx for the input in advance!!!!

03-25-2005, 15:36
That photo of the holster looks like a rip-off of the ThunderWear.

IWB means inside waist band. It doesn't mean next to the family jewel.

Enlighten me but which one is Glock 30? Compact, mini or regular? If it's compact or mini, you might be able to just store it in one of your riding jacket's pockets.

03-25-2005, 16:04
its not compact its about the same size as the glock19 (9mm) the glock30 is (.45) but overall just about the same size. i couldnt figure out what the real name of the holster was and thanx for letting me know so i can hunt it up and check it out. i agree this is probably a knockoff. and it depends of how u wear ur pants as to how close it is to the sacred jewels lol... there shouldnt be any problems though. thanx for the help!

03-25-2005, 17:49
It would seem like some kind of shoulder rig might be a better choice if you want to keep it comfortable and concealed. That said I'm not a fan of shoulder rigs but I think in this case it may make sense.

03-26-2005, 03:39
i thought about that but it gets in the triple digits in the summer here and think that would be uncomfortable.

03-26-2005, 10:52
The glock g30 is subcompact,it is nowhere near the same as a g19!The g21 is close in size with the g19.

03-26-2005, 12:39
glock 19

Number of safeties
Length (slide)
174 mm 6.85 in. 174 mm 6.85 in.
Height 2)
127 mm 5.00 in. 127 mm 5.00 in.
30 mm 1.18 in. 30 mm 1.18 in.
Length between sights 3)
152 mm 5.98 in. 152 mm 5.98 in.
Barrel length
102 mm 4.02 in. 102 mm 4.02 in.
Length of twist
250 mm 9.84 in. 250 mm 9.84 in.

glock 30

Length (slide) 6.77 in. 172 mm

Height 4.76 in. 121 mm

Width 1.27 in 32.5 mm.

Length between sights 5.95 in. 151 mm

Barrel length 3.78 in. 96 mm

Barrel rifling
right, octogonal

Length of twist
15.75 in. 400 mm

the biggest difference i see is in the heightand barrel length. .24" not much. i got this offf of the glock website and ive handled them both and fired the 19 many times. they feel pretty much the same. just the 30 is about 2 oz. heavier and packs a better punch. ;)

03-27-2005, 08:27
The point is,one is compact,and the other is subcompact,thats all I'm saying.I guess you could be right,i have a glock g30 and its a great gun I would recommend one.I ride a Kawasaki 636,but I don't carry my gun.

03-27-2005, 08:57
I wasnt trying to burn u. ;) just posting what i found. u have a glock 30. if u did carry what do u think would be the way to carry in ur opinion. i am very familiar with the 636. what do u think would be most comfortable? thanx!

Texas T
03-27-2005, 09:39
IMHO the best way to carry on a bike is in the tank bag. IMHO the second best way to carry would be in a shoulder holster.

The only benefit to having it IWB would be that it would always be with you and you wouldn't have to worry about being separated from the gun.

Whether it is under a set of leathers or mesh or what-have-you, or whether it is in your tank bag it is probably going to take you an equal amount of time to get to the gun in a stress situation...
Glove off, zipper opened, gun obtained, gun presented.

I don't know that it's made, but I would think a good niche product for a tank bag manufacturer would be a waterproof pocket on the side of the tank bag with an integral holster for retention.

Rip up the velcroed cover with the opposite hand, grasp the gun with the gun hand and present the weapon.

03-27-2005, 11:08
i wouldnt want to be seperated from it. cause if anything happens like someone gets ahold oof it and uses it ur still liable for making it accesible. i think i will stick withthe IWB. because i know i can get my glove off in half a second and i wear blue jeans so my jacket is mesh and it would be glove lift shirt and pull to present. tops about 4 seconds. i think thats my best bet. thanx for the input everyone. i should get it in a vouple of weeks. now i need to go order the holster off a website. ;)

03-27-2005, 14:51
I've tried the thunderwear and found that sitting was painfull for Jr and his 2 brothers, especially on my bike.

03-27-2005, 14:59
what kinda bike?

03-27-2005, 15:01
1600 Kawasaki, a cruiser. It'd be worse on a crotchrocket.

03-27-2005, 15:34
thank you for the input!! ill probably go ahead and buy the holster and try it to see if i have the same problem. if i do then ill figure out something. i may have to go to a under arm holster. i wonder about a ankle holster.... if it was on my right leg it would work... ill look into that as well.

03-27-2005, 16:01
If you ever went down, ankles tend to take a beating. Don't know if I'd go with an ankle holster or not. I'd ride with a jacket, either a perforated leather or one of the mesh with padding and just carry it in the pocket. Either inside pocket or front zipper pocket. That's where I carry my m33 in my ICON Tarmac jacket. I also have a leather concealment vest from Galls that I use a lot. The vest is $79.99 but every now and then it'll be on sale for $59.99. When we ride two up, my wife carries her S&W m38 in a ballistic buttpack by DeSantis.

03-27-2005, 16:11
I think in this case your best options are: shoulder holster, tank bag or jacket pocket. I ride an SV650S (see the sig-line) and in no way could I carry a pistol IWB in ANY postion while seated. Having the pistol tucked in anywhere between 11 and 1 o'clock would be downright painful! And I've bounced the boys off of the tank enough times to believe a weapon would only exacerbate the situation! ;P

As for the 21/30, the 30 IS a compact, not a sub-compact. A 26 is a subcompact, and the 30 dwarfs it. The 21 is just a big mutha, beating the full-size 17/22/31/37 with ease.

03-27-2005, 16:14
what u think about this ankle holster idea i have? i have looked at a few on the net and i found some for the 30.

03-27-2005, 17:06
Subcompact is smaller than compact,and the g30 is subcompact.Im looking at the glock buyers guide that came with my glock 30,and it is a subcompact.Oh yeah and my 2003 Kawasaki 636 ninja has 14000 miles since august 15,2003;)

03-27-2005, 17:31
Can you ride all year round down there? I've heard some guys call it quits in the middle of the summer from the heat and humidity. Wish we had the same problem up here! ;f Still have 3" of ice on the driveway between the shop and the road! :( (Actually, by day it turns into 2" of slushy watery goo.)

FWIW, my bike was a left-over, bought from the dealer 5 miles down the road. Other than a bad experience with his mechanic, I've had no complaints. Heck, he's got the best deal around when it comes time to mount new tires.

I think an ankle holster would be a bad idea on a bike. Judging from my dirtbike and mountain biking accidents, your ankles are going to get beat up, bad, and I can imagine having a block of steel on there just isn't going to help matters any.

Added: Any day above 45 degrees and not precipitating is a good day to ride! (40 is pushing it and below 40 I find I only ride out of desperation or just bad judgement! ;) )

03-27-2005, 18:39
Theres nothing better than the south,if you love bikes.Your SV650 is one of the best all around bikes ever produced.Basically never neglect that great piece of equipment you have,It may not be the fastest, but its a damn fine machine.Everyone knows the worst thing for a bike is not to ride them,so ride often even if it is freezing outside ride anyways;f ;f

03-27-2005, 18:46
Originally posted by Kawi636
Theres nothing better than the south,if you love bikes.Your SV650 is one of the best all around bikes ever produced.Basically never neglect that great piece of equipment you have,It may not be the fastest, but its a damn fine machine.Everyone knows the worst thing for a bike is not to ride them,so ride often even if it is freezing outside ride anyways;f ;f

This I have heard that the South is nice for bikes many times. SoCal is supposed to be nice too, except perhaps for the traffic.

The bike gets taken care of well. It may be all I can afford for the next 4-5 years, so I'd better keep it ship-shape! One of my buddies basically said the same thing about it, after we swapped for 30 minutes and he let me ride his Gixxer 1k. All I could do was: ;g !

Today would have been a good day, but as they say, "My brudder game me aw cood." ;Q

BTW, those 636s are nice bikes. ^c I have to peel myself away from the 636s and 6RRs every time I go by the Kawa-Suzu-Honda-Yama shop.

FrEaK, what's the choice?

03-28-2005, 08:19
i ride a 03 gsxr 600. blk and silver set up for track if i ever get the chance to attend a track day... i wanted the r6 but when the didnt approve me and suzuki did i took it. im glad i did cause now i sit on the r6 and it feels really small lol. almost toy like. i like the 636 and the rr. as far as riding in the cold..... i have a 35 minute trip to work and 35 min back. i ride all year long and in less than 2 years i have 16,250 miles on my bike. i have riden to work as low as 28 degrees. timax gloves suck for that cause of the titanium knuckles.... cant feel fingers after about 20 min riding. thats with cotten gloves undernieth. and the heat here in the summer sucks. i wear a mesh jacket with gloves and shoei rf-900 helmet and i have sat in rush hour traffic at 106 degrees... my bike overheated and i had to pull off and let it cool down/ it saw 162 degrees i was panicing cause the temperature gauge was flashing at me! my baby was hating it. i got to figure out a way to have a good spot for a holster on me. any more ideas? i seen a couple of ankle holsters for the inner side of the calf... i can get some good race boots and they will protect my ankles... i still like the ankle holster cause it will be out of the way yet still on me. the boot will protect my ankle.

03-28-2005, 08:35
Originally posted by Kawi636
Subcompact is smaller than compact,and the g30 is subcompact.Im looking at the glock buyers guide that came with my glock 30,and it is a subcompact.Oh yeah and my 2003 Kawasaki 636 ninja has 14000 miles since august 15,2003;)

the 19 is listed as compact and the 30is listed as sub compact. i think they listed it that way cause its a small frame for a .45. maybe but not sure... u never know with manufactures now days.

they also got the 36, almost the exact same as 30 just a hair thinner... lol so its dubbed

"Slimline" lol see a small fraction of an inch makes a new name. what ever works.;a

oh and the other thing different it holds 4 less bullets... only 6 on the slimline. i think ill stick with the 30. may be .24" thicker but ill keep those extra 4 rounds. may not need them but id like to have them if i did need them...

03-28-2005, 19:15
I ride a cbr954 and carry G31 or G22 im a southpaw so for me IWB is perfect or SOB

04-14-2005, 08:40
I prefer the belly band when biking or a jacket pocket is ideal for a J-frame.

Can you consider another carry weapon when biking? I've tried a lot of mine over the years, even duty weapons, but I have found the Airweight snubby to be the hands-down best in that role.

04-18-2005, 13:00
when I'm riding and I tuck what ever I'm wearing, just under the metal clip of my IWB hol. Rode to work that waaay this morning with a Joe Rocket jacket. I've even done it with a flannel shirt over a tee shirt tucked in with just the part over my pistol out and tucked under the clip. Seem to hold it secure enough. Just gotta' pull a little harder to clear it. Hope this helps.

04-18-2005, 16:21
Check this out. Could be an option.

04-18-2005, 16:43

This is my bike - not exactly a "crotch rocket" but a 1977 R100S Beemer that I put 115 miles on today. I wear leather jeans with a Milt Sparks EX IWB holster that carries a Glock 29 - exactly same size as the G30. It is comfortable and, having hit the ground hard on my right side a couple of years ago, can testify that the G29 didn't cause any bruising on my hip or ribs.

I wear a P/D leather jacket in this weather (50 degrees in Cripple Creek today) and a mesh-tex jacket when it gets hot. My IWB G29 is covered by sweat shirt in winter and t-shirt in summer so it is well concealed.

Hope this helps.

;z ;z

04-24-2005, 07:58
The original post was about a "Smart Carry" holster, which I have been using for about 6 months on a daily basis with a G36. I like the combination, and it works very well when riding a motorcycle. I have a "Standard" style bike (1977 Triumph Bonneville), and a "Sport Touring" bike (2000 Triumph Sprint ST).

My only other carry arrangement has been a Clip Draw, which also puts the gun in your waist band, but the Smart Carry pouch lets it ride a lot lower. This is much better for the more sporting forward-leaning riding postion, in my experience. In normal khakis or jeans (not those super-tight jeans left over from the 80's!), the boys aren't squeezed at all.

Hope this helps,


Smart carry:

Clip Draw: