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03-27-2005, 10:20
Hi, Sounds like a really stupid question right. but here is my premise. Everything I have been taught to do I was taught to do right handed, Shoot, Write use tools. I am right eye dominant and my "plant" foot is my right.

Recently at the range I decide to try one handed shooting. I have done this many time before but never with my left hand( I have practiced 2handed shooting with the left as my main hand). Sure enough I was a far better shot one handed leftie than I am even 2 handed right. So it got me thinking and I looked into it a little and my father was left handed but he was taught to shoot rightie. I wonder If I am totally crazy or if this is a common thing?


03-28-2005, 21:00
I wouldn't say you're crazy at all. Might not be very common, but it definately does happen. How certain are you that you're right eye dominant?

I've had a somewhat similar experience. I'm a natural born lefty, but I grew up doing most everything right handed, except for writing and eating. I always shot right handed and used my right eye to sight. As I got into shooting more seriously, I eventually discovered I was left eye dominant. With that epiphany, I began experimenting shooting with my left hand. It felt much more natural and I shot a bit better too. I now shoot primarily left handed... well, handguns anyway. I still do long guns righty; just never felt comfortable shooting them on the left.

Shoot whatever way feels the best to you. Maybe practice drawing, aiming and dry-firing in front of a mirror. That's what I was doing when I began to realize my eye/hand dominance issues.

Essentially, just practice. Right, left, whatever. Take stock of what you are doing and how. It'll most likely come to you.


03-31-2005, 08:56
I'm left handed and right eye dominant. For years I shot right handed because of the eye dominance. Finally, I started shooting left handed. I just push the pistol to the right a bit. I still shoot long guns right handed. No problem


03-31-2005, 15:07
My name is Ishiguro and I am a lefty right eye dominant.

lethal tupperwa
03-31-2005, 15:59
parents will encourage right hand use, when the left feels better.

03-31-2005, 17:30
I was and had no clue. Till I got me some shootin' lessons. Found out I had no idea how to shoot in the first place. I shot righty w/ a cross over left eye aim. Now I shoot lefty and my point shooting is 100% better. I've been shooting for years now and I am so natural w/ my left my right feels awkward w/ a gun. I still practice righty and I'm not bad.

For laughs my 85yr old grandma still gets on us for letting our kid play w/ the crayolas using his left hand. "EVERYONE" must be right handed she says ;z


04-02-2005, 16:35
Wow, I guess I should look into this a bit more. I am mostly sure of the right eye dominance thing. I was told to test it you view an object and cover it with a finger and alternate closing eyes to see witch one is "looking".

I feel slightly "off" with a pistol left handed. but actually I think thats a function of right handed slidestop and safety and stuff.

So all that being said, what do yall suggest i do to test?

I was thinking of shooting 100rnds single hand right and 100 left, and checking results. I like the idea of drawing from a holster.. If only I had a lefty version. maybe i'll try a long gun lefty.


04-04-2005, 06:48
Actually make your friend stand infront of you about 5 feet. Now you with NO GUN. Pretend to aim at them with an improvised triangle made with both your hands. Use your thumbs and index fingers to create the triangle. 2" only not so big. Keep your palms open and facing away from you so as to block out view of your subject/friend. Now bring up the triangle from waist level QUICKLY and look through the triangle hole at your friends eyes. Ask him what eye he spots on you FIRST. BAM! You just discovered which eye is dominant. Mail me a quarter.

You can also use a paper plate w/ a hole in the middle about 2" wide. But I got my hands w/ me now;e . Its hard to explain over text but easy to show.