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03-28-2005, 23:04
Well, I officially met the toughest Coyote in Washington State this past week. We were hunting a series of ridges/canyons leapfrogging each other to stay ahead of the guy below who would push the dogs up the ridges toward us. Well, I was walking the ridge and must have spooked the yote back at the driver, and I hear some shooting happening. He is carrying a mossy with 00buck. He fired a few times, and when He saw it go down, he turned uphill to fetch the two of us up top. We went to where he last saw the dog and it was gone. So we found some blood and searched all over, finding a little more blood here and there, for a total of about half/quarter mile. rough tracking, very little sign. Anyhow, with his gun and my buddies left at the top of the ridge, not expecting this much of a trouble finding it, I was the only one armed when we saw her loping along the bottom of the ridge. So I shot her in the chest/spine area. She went down, and as we started towards her, she gets up and tries to take off again, So I put one through her neck. That one folded her up...real quick like. I am not a fan of having animals suffer, but this Coyote was amazingly tough. I don't think I have that mch drive to live. I would have just hid and died. The result = my two shots and some buckshot that entered the legs and back end and some went up into her abdomen area. Here is my guess... I think that shock got to her and thats why she was so determined, especially after my first shot not really effecting her. Needless to say, that pelt is about as prime as swiss cheese...especially with one side of the neck blown away...grrrr.

03-29-2005, 07:18
All dogs are very tough. A vet once explained to me that because dogs have evolved to run down their prey over a long distance they have very large lung capacity for their size.

If the first shot of OO buck didn't hit the lungs, liver or heart she could have gone a long ways, with only a gut shot she may have lived for days.

Just one question, when you were tracking a wounded animal why did your firends leave their guns on top of the ridge?

03-29-2005, 10:31
Thats what I asked them too... I guess they thought that it was just going to be laying dead next to a bush... Go figure...