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03-30-2005, 02:26
The temperature had taken an overnight plunge
and Minnesota reaffirmed its reputation as one
of the nation's coldest states.

Despite a wind-chill of minus 40, we steelworkers
erecting a TV tower in a Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb
showed up for work.

By 9 a.m., a tall Texan climbed down from the tower
and entered the office trailer. He took his lunch pail
from the shelf and headed for the door.

"What's up?" the foreman asked. "You sick?"

"Nope," the Texan replied. "Goin' home to get my jacket."

"Where's home?" the foreman persisted.

"Dallas," he said.

03-30-2005, 11:03

03-31-2005, 11:55
Back in the winter of 73-74, I was working on a flour mill in western Minnesota. One day, the wind got to howling; we were around the 120-foot level with little protection. One of the guys asked the job superintendant if we could knock off for the day, as it was getting dangerous. The wind was probably gusting near 50 mph, and just miserable as hell.

The supe looked at a chain that was hanging on a bolt in the wood form structure and said that we could go home when the chain was straight out in the wind. This was a serious log chain!

After he left, our foreman got one of the welders to weld the links together, then the chain was bolted to the wall, sticking straight downwind. The supe came up later, saw the chain, chuckled, shook his head and sent us home for the day.