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03-30-2005, 14:38
Maybe this should be part of a sticky

Where do I start?
How do I get a license?
What should I expect from the test?
What do I have to memorize for the test?

I think I already know a little of this, but would like to here it from someone whohas been there and done that.


03-31-2005, 19:51
go here. www.arrl.org. Some others will tell you where all to buy the books and what exactly to expect. Basically you will need to buy a Technician book. Study the whole book. It is a question pool test. They will select 35 questions from the book, a certain number of each kind of question. I forget the exact score you have to get, but it is not too high, 70 something percent I think. If you pass, you just wait a few days until your license shows up on the FCC website, and get on the air. Your copies will come in the mail a few days later. Just check out the ARRL, you should be able to get specifics from there, or from other people on here. I forget most of the specifics. Also try www.qrz.com it is a message board site with lots of info.

Grey Wolf
04-01-2005, 02:37
I am working on getting my tech ticket right now as well. I have been using some online tests to study. Hell they are free add seem to pull a good variety of questions from the question pool. They are:



I also found http://www.hamtestonline.com/study.jsp but it kinda sucks. I assume you get more if you pay, but I find no reason when I can use the other ones, which are free and seem more like the real 35 question test I will see.

I have also found a yahoo group for folks trying to get there ticket or upgrading. I really do not go there much but found some cool informative files, including a .pdf file with most, if not all of the questions from the question pool.


I am not really studying, as I should for the test. A local club is holding weekly classes for licensing but I work each night the have them. I am planning on getting my license and then learning as I go. I plan on reading and taking the test, until I can answer them without a problem. I won’t learn as much as I would study with a book or class... but I’m cool with that.

IIRC www.arrl.com has a listing of clubs that are holding testing sessions… Search your area for radio clubs; I was surprised to find how many are around my area. I have learned very quickly hams are very helping and generous people … I have never met a group of people like them.


Stay safe

Grey Wolf

04-01-2005, 12:41
I totally forgot about the free practice tests at QRZ, they are great, but do NOT substitute them for the book.... just as practice after or during reading the book. There are like 500 questions, so I doubt you are going to cover all of them on the practice test, then you would get to the real test and not recognize alot of questions.

04-01-2005, 12:55
then you would get to the real test and not recognize alot of questions.

Exactly,...I studied and took the practice tests numerous times until I got at least a 95% each time, went and took the test and some of the questions I didn't remember seeing at all in the practice tests.;Q

Anyways, I passed the test having missed only 1 question..for some reason they said wouldn't tell me which one had the wrong answer.

04-12-2005, 18:34
Yup i passed with just those practice tests, but read the book too it helps you understand it more.