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03-31-2005, 21:08
Hey all,
I picked up a new guit-clucker, a Jackson Kelly KE3!

I fired up the XXX212, got the KE3 outta the box and hit the record button on my crappy webcam. Yes you can still see the tag attached to the headstock of the guitar; hey I was excited to try the guitar!

The link below is my first notes played on the KE3 and I was just trying to get used to the neck/body with some sweep picking, string skipping and scalar runs. Wanna know something? That body shape sucks! Iím having a hard time adjusting to the lack of body above the strings; I have nowhere to place my right wrist.

I was on the crunch channel of the XXX with the gain @ about 1 o'clock and the reverb @ about 15%.


About a 5mb download (no cracks about my goofy faces made!)