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K. Foster
04-02-2005, 17:30
I want to go hog hunting in Texas. Can anyone recommend a ranch or guide? Or advise on places that are not reputable? Iím looking for a quality, fair chase hunt in central to east Tx.

04-02-2005, 17:56
so I have no experience with guides and such, but you might try looking at this site... http://www.texasboars.com/ it has tons of good info. Hope this helps.


K. Foster
04-08-2005, 16:39
I have already looked there, but thanks.

04-17-2005, 22:48
Check out the Texas Predator Posse Forum


Brose down to the Guide, Ranch, and Outfitter Reviews

05-04-2005, 08:38
I/We can recomend our hunting lease (10,000 acres) 15 miles south of childress TX. northwest TX. Hogs are over abundant here! We use trapps,stands w/feeders & spotlites.They sure do tear up the property!

JD HHI 6092
05-04-2005, 18:40
Don't know how much you want to spend but I've heard from buddies who have been there that the Nail Ranch is great.

05-05-2005, 12:20
You can go to www.mysa.com and check in the classified ads for hunting guides for this type of thing. There is one that advertises 3 hogs for 180.00. I think that is a really good deal since the little fellas taste so good!

Steve Moses
05-18-2005, 14:28
K. Foster,

Contact me regarding hunting free-ranging wild hogs if you are still interested. We have been guiding for pigs on the 600-acre Triangle D Ranch between Hico and Meridian for about a year, and can set you up if you desire. Lots of pigs out there....

I have a 20-year old son that up until a few months ago expressed no interest in hunting. He changed his mind, and I took him on his first hunt for anything on Monday, May 15.

He shot a reddish 250-lb sow from about 90 yards out about 2030, and a black 150-lb sow with lots of razorback in her lineage from about 20 yards out about 2200. We probably saw about 25 pigs on this hunt, with 6-7 of them weighing 150 pounds or over.

Steve Moses

05-21-2005, 04:48
If your not dead set to hunt in Texas, I would make a big push for Dale Toon at Wild Boar Ridge in Smithville, OK. I have been there two times now and cannot say enough good things about him and his outfit. In April I took two buddies with me for my second trip and bagged a great blonde Russian boar with my SRH. The other two took good hogs with a 12 ga. slug. He has everything from meat pigs to trophy boars. I see you are from Missouri. It may even be a closer trip than some spots in Texas.
Wild Boar Ridge (http://www.pine-net.com/dtranch/)