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04-02-2005, 22:25
I have finally settled on a radio that I think will do what I need to do with it. Two choices really. One is the Yaesu VX-5R and the other is the Yaesu VX-7R. The only real difference that I can see between that is that the 7 is a quad band and will transmit on the 220 band at 300mW.

Anyway, here's the question. Where is the best place to buy a new rig? The prices at www.hamradio.com seem to be pretty good and in fact better than I can buy a used radio on eBay. But I have come to learn that usually good prices come with a different price.

Has anyone had any experience with these people? Or does anyone have a better suggestion?

04-03-2005, 20:25
When I buy, I buy from www.gigaparts.com , also, check for local hamfests.

Glock Bob
04-05-2005, 19:32
I bought my VX-5R from HRO (hamradio.com). In fact, I've purchased 4 radios in total from them:

Yaesu VX-5R
Alinco DJ-195T
Icom 2100H
Icom 207H

Every purchase has been very painless. I bought the Alinco and Icoms back in 2000. However, I purchased the VX-5R last month. I ordered it on 3/14 (Monday) and recieved it on or about Wednesday (3/16), if I remember correctly. The closest store to your adress is the one that ships it to you. If they are out of an item they can have it shipped from another location. I am lucky in that there's a store in the next state over.

As far as the 5R v. the 7R:

220 is not a heavily-used band. GSD seems to love it, but I say he's just dreaming ;) . However, if you know someone else who has a rig with it you can use it for a more private means of communication as opposed to 2m. On the other hand, 440 seems to only be used in random areas, so it should not be too crowded. Either way you won't be dissapointed.

04-05-2005, 21:04
Yeah, I just seem to have a facination with 220, even though we only have 1 repeater around here, that is NEVER used, and no one uses 220. guess I just like odd things.

04-05-2005, 22:37
I think that 440 is used here nearly as much as 2M at least locally and then once you get out in the hills they seem to favor the 2M, I guess, because A) the can get a little more distance out of them in the terrain and B) there are more repeaters.

I am also kind of anxious to see what is happening in the 6M band. What kind of distance could one expect to get out of a 5W 6M handheld in mountainous terrain?

04-05-2005, 22:53
Most bands depend on the terrain, we are right in the foothills of the Appalachins here, so 440 is only good in certain areas right where I am, 2m is great, we dont have a 6m repeater at all around here, so I can't comment really. I know that from my car, I can hit one in Mentone, which is a few counties away, but that is 65 watts

Zulu Alpha
04-06-2005, 15:05
IIRC the VX-7R will also do 6m AM(low wattage though) as well as FM. IMNSHO 6m is about useless in a HT (Handie Talkie) without a BIG antenna. Don't expect much from the "magic band" on an HT. FM 6m works similar to the 2m band, maybe just a shade better in terrain.

Got the VX-5R and its a really great rig. However if you are wanted better 220 preformance as well as CW and SSB reception, then look at the Kenwood TH-F6A http://www.texastowers.com/thf6a.htm IMHO the Yaseu's are not as user friendly as Kenwood radios ( I am biased though, I have 4 Kenwoods). If the TH-F6A would have been on the market I woulda picked it over the VX-5R :)

I second the vote for www.gigaparts.com as well as www.texastowers.com as both are good to deal with. 73!

04-12-2005, 18:37
Originally posted by GSD17
When I buy, I buy from www.gigaparts.com , also, check for local hamfests.

I second gigaparts.com

04-12-2005, 18:44
Well, I scored a VX-5R off ebay. It comes with a couple different antennas, AA battery pack, Motorola belt clip, couple extra chargers, headset and the Barometric Pressure/ Altimeter already installed for a little over $250. Looked like a nice rig. I'll get it on Friday or Sat. I'll let you know how it all works. :)