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04-03-2005, 21:01
My fiance just bought me a small of back holster for a G19 (which is the gun that I will be getting in a few months), and I was wondering what the best type of clothes, namely shirts, would be for the summer. Usually I just wear jeans and a t-shirt, but I never had to worry about concealing a gun before. If it makes any difference, I'm 5'3 and about 145 lbs. Any suggestions would be great.

vote Republican
04-08-2005, 19:40
Hawaiin prints, patterns to break up the print of the firearm?

04-08-2005, 21:06
Pixel, you might want to add a Smart Carry system to your inventory. It will hold a glock just fine, and being worn infront, isn't as painful if you fall on it (if you get in a confrontation & knocked down for example). You can wear any t-shirt you like over top of it--just don't tuck it in. Elastic waisted shorts work best IMHO for the SC, especially in summer. Oh and wear some sort of undershirt to keep the velcro from chafing.

04-08-2005, 21:33
Thanks for the suggestions. I might have to ask for the SC for my birthday or something. It looks pretty uncomfortable though. Can you sit down with it ok?

04-09-2005, 08:45
Yeah you can sit fine in a SC. It's actually quite comfortable. Just don't wear skintight pants. Pleated fronts or looser fits are best. One of the side benefits is, NOBODY will ever guess you have a firearm on you! Folks just don't 'look' at a woman 'there'! ;f ;f

My favorite pistol to carry in the SC is the Taurus 605 spurless wheelgun in .357. It's a 2" snubbie. But I can & do carry a mid-sized 1911 in it too. I just find sometimes that the extended beavertail on the 1911 will be a little uncomfortable if sitting hunched over. But Glocks don't have beavertails, so you shouldn't have any problem.

To me, the absolute most comfortable setup with the SC is to wear it with a pair of overalls! Then there is nothing but the SC strapped around your hips. It may not be fashionable, but it IS comfortable!;)

Oh, and SmartCarry does come with a return guarantee. If you don't like it, you can return it.

04-09-2005, 12:13
Please don't ever recommend someone wear pleated pants. They are the worst-looking things ever!

04-09-2005, 23:21

Pleated pants must all be burned, NO ONE looks good in them.
The only exception is male dress pants, and even that is becoming iffy.

Reference nearly any episode of What Not To Wear (British or American version) for an explation and demonstration of why pleats are evil.

04-11-2005, 09:16
What?? Y'all never heard of Dockers? Or 5.11's? If you're going to use a Smart Carry holster, pleated front pants will improve your comfort, and your concealment.

04-12-2005, 12:39
Yeah but they make your hips look big.

The Pontificator
05-04-2005, 21:35
"Dockers: pants for the bigger-butted man"


05-05-2005, 06:49


The Pontificator
05-15-2005, 21:26
"...Walking around in those tight pants! Who the heck wants to look at that package? Now get up stairs and put on your big pants! WE'RE BIG PANTS PEOPLE!"


The Pontificator
05-15-2005, 21:31
Now to be serious...

SOB is not a recommended method of carry. It's awkward, almost useless when sitting, murder when driving, and you can sustain serious spinal injury if you are knocked down on your back which is very likely in the event you are attacked.

Many holster-makers (Ron Graham's "memsahib", Bulman Gunleather) make CCW holsters for women which feature an every-so-slight "muzzle forward" cant so that the butt of the gun doesn't push into the bottom of the rib cage.

Definitely worth a look.

05-16-2005, 08:16
If you wear jeans in the summer, I recommend you try any of the 'low-rise' kind. They improve the position of the firearm IWB and keep the grips from digging into your ribs, and improve draw for women IMHO (or at least for me they do). Reason is, women are typically long legged, and short torso'd. Normal rise pants put the beltline above the hips and the grips of the pistol up into the ribcage. By changing where the pants ride, you change the position of the pistol. I find the Levis 529 to be just about right.

And folks are right about the problems inherent in SOB carry.


Melissa Ann
05-25-2005, 11:38
SOB is not a recommended method of carry. It's awkward, almost useless when sitting, murder when driving, and you can sustain serious spinal injury if you are knocked down on your back which is very likely in the event you are attacked.
What he said. I actually recommend people do not carry SOB - because of the potential danger to the spine if you fall. I can just imagine the liberal media's headline: Woman Paralyzed by Gun of course the story would make no mention of how the injury came because she slipped and fell on the gun while struggling with a badguy, or even just carrying her groceries in from the car on an icy day... sigh.

I'd recommend a leather in-the-waistband holster worn on your strong-hand side as a good concealed-carry holster.

Back to the original question: a button-down shirt over a t-shirt or tank top will cover pretty much any gun. or a light-weight cardigan, or a light-weight jacket, even a slightly baggy t-shirt or polo, not tucked in.

Take care and stay safe,

Rally Vincent
05-25-2005, 11:49
I carry my Sig in a SOB holster all the time and have no problem with it.

And I'm one of those lazy drivers who don't sit up strait while cruse'n seat does not put pressure on my Sig cause it is stuffed in that empty little corner.

I always found it pretty easy to conceal any auto or revolver with SOB carry style, been awhile since I've fell flat on my RIGHT on my back, 99.9 percent of the time I just fall on my ass or face. ;a