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04-04-2005, 23:16
Anybody else like primed cars? I'm talking about freshly primed vehicle's, not partiality primed or faded cars. My first car was a black primed '53 Chevy with a built 6 cylinder. I've had a few more primed vehicles over the years. My last one was a gray primed, slammed '71 Chevy pu. That truck got far more attention than my brand new GMC. I couldn't belive how many people would ask "You're gonna leave it primed right"?

I'm currently working on an '88 Chevy step side. It's going to be an old school truck. Plans call for shaved rearsteps,tailgate and door handles and some kind of tail lights in the rolled pan. Maybe '50 Pontiac or '59 Cadillac. The paint will be black primer with yellow, orange and red flames and a little pinstriping on the hood and tailate. It's already slammed and riding on 8" chrome rims with baby moons (i think they're now called "smoothies").

I bought a cherry picker last weekend so i can pull the engine and rebuild it. I've already bought a few parts for it (Edelbrock intake, Comp Cams cam and kit, Comp Cams roller rockers, shorty hedders, MSD ignition,K&N filter, MSD coil and Excell plug wires) but i still need to pick up a few more parts. I'm still not sure what torque converter i'm going to use but it will have a shift kit.

I can't waite to cruise in primer again.

michael t
04-08-2005, 08:45
;+ ;D ;+ ^5 ~2

04-08-2005, 09:18
Black primer/flat black is my calling card ;f

So yeah...I dig the stuff:cool:

04-10-2005, 22:48
Now that's what i'm talking about.

For black i don't use actual primer, i use two stage paint. Spray the black base coat then add a flatner to the clear (mix it 1:1) and it comes out looking like freshly sprayed black primer. The best of both worlds. It looks like primer but has the durability of paint.

04-11-2005, 00:38
My favorite color :)