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04-10-2005, 11:58
I just found out that they have classes for my current ride:(

I want to do this soooo bad, as I love speed.

This is the only way I can cure my speed demon (legally);g

Anyone here attend these type of races?

04-10-2005, 23:15
Looks like fun.

Bonneville Salt Flats would be my thing to try if I had an unlimited supply of cash.

michael t
04-11-2005, 00:03
People run street cars at Bonnie. Also I can't remember their name was a group in NC or SC that ran couple times a year om a 10000' run way Standing start 1 mile then shut down . All you had to do was be a member of the club and pass a tec insp and small entry fee. Make a run get in line and do it again all week end. This really a low buck weekend.Thats the way it was around 3 years ago when I found out about them.