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04-13-2005, 20:21
Has anyone here ever used satellites? From what little I have gathered there are a couple satellites that you can actually hit with a handheld. I am thinking about trying it cause where I hunt is about 200 miles from the closest repeater. A satellite may be my only link out to the rest of the world if there were ever to be an emergency.

04-13-2005, 23:04
I'm not really up on satellites. Here are some thoughts I have that stick in my mind that may or not be true.

They generally have a different up and down link band. ie: 2m up, 70cm down, 70cm up, 2m down, etc. I used to work RS-12 which had a 10m up and 15m down link freq. It was fun. I also worked MIR packet when it was flying.

They don't do FM because it's to power hoggy. They use cw and ssb which are more efficient. The transmitteres are what are called transponders which means they only have so much power to transmit with so they split that power with all users. Space shuttles do use FM but wouldn't suit your needs.

Amateur satellites are in an assyncronous orbit. This means that they are only "visible" at certain times. These times vary and need to be calculated using Keplarian data, usually available on software or a website devoted to satellite comms. Seems to be a problem if you need immediate assistance.

You might Google amateur satellites and see what that offers; maybe other GT'ers could chime in...

Zulu Alpha
04-14-2005, 08:39
You also may have to contend with other radio operators running higher power than a handheld. I used to work some birds with an Arrow antenna, but now use it for remote APRS setups.

I used to run a program called Satscape that would predict passes for your area and all kinds of cool stuff. Oh yeah and its still free...

04-14-2005, 21:08
Here's a list of satellites anf freqs:

UO-14 is an FM repeater UP 435.070 DWN 145.975

AO-27 (FM Repeater) Mode J (FM Repeater) Uplink: 145.850Mhz

Mode J (FM Repeater) Downlink: 436.795Mhz

Note: Not available on all passes.

SO-35 (FM Repeater/APRS)

Mode J (FM Repeater/APRS) Uplink: 145.825Mhz
Mode B (FM Repeater/APRS) Uplink: 436.291Mhz

Mode J (FM Repeater/APRS) Downlink: 436.250Mhz
Mode B (FM Repeater/APRS) Downlink: 145.825Mhz

Note: See the SUNSET Homepage for Current Schedule.

For the Keps and tracking, you're on your own....;f