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04-13-2005, 22:04
Ok. Aparently I have the rarest car on the planet. Or at least that's what the search for parts has led me to believe.


That's my car, from what I've been told, it's the only year for that body type, the 2 door doesn't even come close to matching anything.

The parts I'd like to get aren't major, so they seem to be damned impossible to find

I want:

1) Steering Wheel. (or even the trim around it)
2) Dash Board (it's just worn in a few places)
3) Carpet
4) a possible source for engine/drivetrain parts. Mine aren't bad, but they are old!

I would also like to find a good place to find suggestions as to what I could do to upgrade the car for better performance, that would be affordable (boy I hate watching those shows where they take a car like mine and put $20000 into it)

michael t
04-14-2005, 00:50
What you asking for other than rear carpet(I belive you even could make that work} should be same as 2 dr. Now anything body panel wise behind f/doors is most like different

Olds didn't change eng/ drive line between 2 and 4 door except maybe drive shaft if longer wheel base.

What eng do you have That around time period GM was cross breed eng line and going away from each division having their own eng line. Like putting 403 Olds eng in Tran Ams with Pontiac 400 a op. eng.

In 78-79 Cutless and Pontiac GP are same basic car. In fact look close and you will see 78 cutless grill and tail lights are in 79 GP and vice versa. I was selling GM cars in late 70's

04-14-2005, 22:24
Unfortunately even the front panels and doors are different. (which is why I didn't even ask about them)

As for the carpet, it comes as one piece, but I do believe it might be the same for a few of the different years.

Sorta the same deal with the other parts.
But I still can't find and places that would have them. At least in BETTER condition than what I have.