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04-25-2005, 15:13
In a nutshell I lift year round and MTB in the better weather. I lift to make gains in mass and strength.

Been having problems with my hands going numb lately and it turns out it is my Ulnar nerves getting irritated in my elbows and chest tie-ins. My orthopedic surgeon and physical trainer told me not to work chest or shoulders for a month, as well as anti-inflamatories(sp) and therapy etc.

Anywho, I've lightened up my routines in the gym and am trying to bring my endurance up for biking. So I've dropped a little weight and take shorter breaks between sets, about 30 seconds, whereas I used to take about 1-2 minutes cuz I was lifting heavy (for me). So my workouts are about 15 mins shorter that usual.

So is this going to help my endurance or hinder it? I'm lifting lighter and taking shorter breaks, more of an endurance workout. But I'm not lifting as long, so is this shorter time going to hurt my endurance since I'm not working out as long?

Wet Dog
04-26-2005, 07:12
My old cycling coach said "build endurance on the bike, build strength in the gym."

Given your situation I think you'll get some benefit from the workout you are doing now. You might not achieve the results you were having but you have to play the cards you are delt.

05-11-2005, 16:08
Personally, when building strength, I found that longer rests are best, becuase it allows you to build energy again. I also think its the same when building endurance, but instead, use lighter weights and do higher reps and sets.

05-11-2005, 17:09
I beg to differ. I think shorter rest between sets are better.^c

05-11-2005, 17:55
Originally posted by mossy500camo
I beg to differ. I think shorter rest between sets are better.^c

Everyone is different, but I found that I can do short rests after the first 2-3 sets, but after that, I burn out VERY quickly. Thats why I at least rest 4-5 minutes between sets.