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04-29-2005, 16:09
hey have you heard about the little "smart" car. it's all the rage in europe. anyways here's a story.. There is a funny thing happened down town in my city where a guy driving an Acura with a friend just started driving beside a smart car. The Acura driver's friend asked him to stop for a second and let him get out. He got out and started jogging beside the smart car. The driver of the smart car gives a WTF? look and asks "What the hell are you doing?" and the jogging guy responds "we are racing b**tch!" The smart car guy tries to pick up speed in heavy traffic and so does the jogging dude while the Acura dude is driving behind them and could not stop cracking up hard. Eventually the smart car did lose the jogging guy since it is a highway capable car. Just was a funny prank on the smart car and in some ways condescending too

04-29-2005, 16:38
Car and Driver did a good story about drivng the Smart around OK's panhandle a few months ago.

04-29-2005, 16:43
saw them in europe back 02,
they are kinda cool,
the one i was in was a 3 cylinder diesel model,
4 wheel independent suspension and auto stick.....

they are made by a subsiduary of dialmer- benz.