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05-01-2005, 09:38
Hello all I have been using a soft side tackle box for a while my problem is the one I have doesn't have any spinner storage. I carry an extra plastic plano container for my spinners. Thats no problem when I am boat fishing but I have been fishing a small creek alot latley. So I Was wondering does anyone have any recomendations for soft side tacklebox that has spinner storage? Thanks..

05-01-2005, 12:13

05-02-2005, 16:03
Check this out!

It's a BassPro softside that is small and easy to carry.
Not sure how much stuff you take with you but something like this is nice. It come with big zip-lock type bags that spinner baits slide into nice.

I use these type of bags for Spinnerbaits to Plastics.

Good Luck

05-02-2005, 21:27
thanks for the info fellahs.. I looked at one of the baggie type bags since I do lots of worm fishing.. but since almost all the worms I buy are in the ziplock style bags I decided to not get it.. The cableas thing is on the money and I can get one and just swap out one of the containers in my current softside.. thanks for the input fellahs..

05-05-2005, 20:18
I have one--love it. Its called Tackle logic--cant remember who the maker is...I will never go back to the large hard boxes.The soft bag carries all my fishing gear,rain gear,and my gun--with room to spare!!