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05-02-2005, 12:52
So I'm in the background phase of the application process for a Maryland FD. They asked (in the background packet) if I had a CCW. Not wanting to be disqualified for lying about it, I told them I did have one. I also mentioned MD doesn't have reciprocity with PA and it would be illegal for me to carry in MD and that I would not bring it to work. Last, I mentioned that in order for me to get this permit I would have to have no criminal record.

Anyone else apply to Anne Arundel Co? What do you make of this question? It was in the "have you applied for other govt jobs section."

05-02-2005, 14:42
My GUESS would be that it is probably just as you explained. Since its in the "Applied for other govt jobs" section I would guess that they look at it as another application with stringent background checking involved that gives them confidence that you've got a clean record. From my experience there are a LOT of FFs/EMTs that have CCWs and guns so I seriously doubt that they would have a problem with it. (They'd probably just recomend that you either don't carry while working or at least don't carry into a fire! Ouch!) ;a


05-03-2005, 13:14
I was asked if I had ever been fingerprinted, which led to my "yes for my ccw", which opened up even more questions.