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Angel Of Death
05-04-2005, 02:47
I'm one for three wtih Belkin here guys, this sucks!

Good: $60 surgre protect/power strip. Done me right for almost two years.

Bad: 2 comp KVM switch that DOES not support my wireless keyboard.

Bad: 750VA UPS that will not charge itself from a transfromer (here in Turkey we have to knock down our 240v/50hz to 110v/60hz). It took 6 calls to customer service before I got a solid answer on why my UPS wasn't charging.

Anyone else had such continuous bad luck with a product manufacturer?

Semper Fi


Tennessee Slim
05-04-2005, 03:16
I've had mostly bad luck with them, too. I'd say 75-80% of the Belkin products I've bought were born bad or died in infancy. I swore off them after my last buy, an 802.11b WAP. It wouldn’t work with XP, prompting me to make three support calls, each of which was answered by an Indian who answered to an American name. Each time they started troubleshooting from Jump Street rather than where the previous call had left off. I lost all patience with them, threw away the POS Belkin and bought another brand of WAP.

Angel Of Death
05-04-2005, 11:39
Strangly enough, the only guy at Belkin who gave me a definative answer was an Indian. Haha.

The third time I called (I think it was) they told me to call their office in London. On my dollar of course. They couldn't help me either.


05-04-2005, 12:23
Most any kvm with wireless keyboards have issues. I used an IOGear Extreme for a client with some success though. It uses USB which was nice, though a bit expensive. The normal belkin kvm's have all been good to me. They do good in cables, and their surge protectors are nice. Other than that I don't think I'd buy anything else from them. If you want a UPS, get a APC or CyberPower, wireless...some one who is more specific to that. Stick with the companies that are strong in the type of thing you need and you should be fine.

05-05-2005, 08:21
Actually, have a few Belkin KVMs and most all have given me problems...

one is a newer four port, and it loses the mouse constantly after switching (it's posted all over the forums, so it's not an isolated problem).

Second is an older four port, where the switch buttons fell off the second week.

:( Will never buy Belkin again (unless it's dirt cheap... yes, I'm a cheap w*@$%).

Tennessee Slim
11-23-2005, 00:58
Almost forgot, I had another lovely experience with Belkin earlier this summer.

Against my better judgement, I bought a Belkin UPS. Why? Because power failures were happening multiple times each day (generator maintenance) and the Belkin POS was all the PX carried (and Wal-Mart doesn't yet have a store in Baghdad. Yet.). It was dead, right out of the box. And it was so heavy it would have been cheaper for me to buy another (which I didn't do) than to ship it back to Belkin in the states for replacement.

11-29-2005, 04:18
Actually the UPS may not have a problem. If your only using a transformer, you are getting 120V 50Hz. That qualifies as bad power to the UPS and it's protecting your computer (and itself from overheating.) If you are using some form of transformer rectifier inverter system then you likely have square wave AC which again qualifies as bad power to the UPS. I have found that the couple of major vendor UPS's that I have come in contact with also don't run off smaller generators because the power fluctuates too much.

Tennessee Slim
12-02-2005, 09:55
Originally posted by kAr
...I have found that the couple of major vendor UPS's that I have come in contact with also don't run off smaller generators because the power fluctuates too much.
Calling them generators was an understatement. They actually are diesel power plants, 32 and 48-cylinder turbodeisel monsters, the same ones that power Baghdad Int'l airport and all the surrounding US camps. And none of the dozens -- maybe hundreds -- of UPSs in the Af Faw palace on Camp Victory (none of which to my knowledge were Belkins) suffered from the same malady.

Just this week my new UPS was delivered, an 800Va dual-conversion Opti-UPS. Now my electronics are contentedly sipping pure sine waves and I'm happier than a dead pig in the sun.