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05-05-2005, 07:11
My computer's been acting weird lately, it would give me the blue screen BDOS? every once and a while when I play computer games. So the other day it finally went out. I would turn it on and in normal mode it would just keep staying on that Windows XP screen loading and loading but never quite loading. Then in safe mode, it does load but as soon as I go to click on the start menu it automatically reboots itself, the screen turns black and the icons refresh themselves. If I choose to use system restore option in safe mode it just keeps rebooting itself also and ask me the same question again (do u want to use system restore or continue in safe mode etc. etc.).
So, I go into the recovery console using the windows XP disc and try to repair it. Used chkdsk and it says that there are one or more unrepairable problems. Use chkdsk /r and /p and it says the same thing. I used the bootcfg fixmbr all that stuff nothing seems to work. Today I was playing around with it and now my computer won't even recognize my hard drive. Used the Windows disc again to try to fix the problem, but now it's telling me there is no hard drive! I had everything plugged in the same as it was. I had to use my 10gb hard drive I had lying around and install windows on this one I am using now, so I gues it's not the hardware(vid card, cd rom, etc.) that's causing the problem.
I have so many pictures on the Maxtor I just don't want to lose all of those. Anyone know any solutions or advice? I put the headache HD as a slave but I can't even access it either using this one as a master (windows will not recognize it). I even reinstalled the 3rd party SCSI SATA raid drivers from the original floppy disc that came with the maxtor motherboard to see if that was the problem, still no luck.

One other thing... when I go into the CMOS or BIOS setting at the beginning of powerup, it won't even recognize the HD anymore. But then the second screen recognizes it because it is plugged into the SATA thing on the motherboard... maybe it is just a messed up HD.

Something weird is that the maxtor does not want to be a slave, even though I have the jumpers for it as a slave and the master is the other HD, if I have the power in it, it will automatically try to boot itself as master, and the windows loading page just keeps going ang going and going, but if I hit F3 to choose a method of boot and go into HardDrive+ and choose the 10gb it will load with the OS on the 10GB. if I unplug the power source from the Maxtor, of course the 10GB HD will load windows. Seems like the Maxtor is stuck in time/space like a broken record and doesn't want to recognize any changes made to it.

Well, any solutions or good advice would be greatly appeciated.

05-05-2005, 08:01
i had a similar problem with a maxtor.

sometimes it would sit at the loading windows screen for like 10 minutes before loading.

have you tried setting the drive to cable select?

it seems like the one i was working on didn't like the slave or master setting, but would work with cs.

eta: this was an IDE drive.

05-05-2005, 08:22
Try this:

Make sure that you have the SATA drivers installed on your computer from the disc that came with your motherboard. To verify that they are installed. Right click on my computer and choose propertires - hardware - Device manager. Look for any items that may have a question mark or unknown devices.

Go into the bios and look at the hard drive boot list. It should list both the 10GB IDE Drive and the SATA drive. Make the 10GB drive #1 that way windows will boot from that hard drive instead of the SATA drive.

If the drive is not dead, it should appear in my computer and you can backup your data.

If you do have an "unknown device" in my computer, it's probably the SATA controller card. If you install the drivers from the CD, windows should pick up on the controller card and the hard drive.

05-05-2005, 22:52
yeah the drivers are installed.
the weird thing is, the windows installation disc or repair section of the disc won't recognize the drive, but it will still try to load up using the drive if I have a power source going to the drive. I can't access the maxtor when it is plugged in and I am using the 10gb hard drive. so maybe i'll try cable select.

05-05-2005, 22:55
The windows CD probably won't recognize the drive becasue the SATA controller drivers aren't installed. As far as jumper settings go, I don't think that it will make much of a difference, but give it a try.

05-05-2005, 23:21
well, the windows cd won't recognize it, but when booting it in safe mode, it will load up all the way to the screen that says if I want to log on as administrator or log on as "myself", and this I know is part of the maxtor HD because the other HD isn't plugged in when I do this, then it freezes from that point on. in normal mode forget it, it just sits there trying to load. I will try tonight to reinstall all the drivers that came with the motherboard and HD to see if it budges.

05-08-2005, 02:43
I had a similar problem with a Maxtor when mine died. Sometimes it would take 5 minutes to autodetect when booting up. I replaced all other components 1st to eliminate any other errors as well as reformat the drive. This is why I don't use Maxtors in any of my custom machines anymore. Pay a little extra and pickup a Seagate drive. They have a 5 year waranty on them and don't seem to burn up as fast as the Maxtors.