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05-09-2005, 13:00
hi fellas im new to this forum and i have a couple of ?'s about lifting my '97 jeep TJ. i plan on giving it a 3-4" suspension lift and later down the road a 2" body and i was wondering if you have to adjust drive line angles, brake lines,pitman arm,or any info that you guys might be able to offer to a new jeeper :cool: THANKS

05-10-2005, 16:11
What no 4*4 guy ?:(

05-10-2005, 18:58
BP44, I do atleast 3-4 lifts aweek (what a pain), My shop does alot of them. Teraflex, Fabtech and some Rancho's. I like Fabtechs lift the most as it is most complete. NO matter what get longer brake lines!! IF you actually plan on using the lift (hardcore 4x4ing) Do it right. A guy at work has a Fabtech lift on his TJ and is at Moab trashing his rigg about every 2 months and so far nothing has broke and has great axle articulation.
On another note we are installing a newly released lift from Fabtech on a 05 ford f-250 harley. We have the lift sitting in the shop and it is trully a work of art!! The front springs are coil over setup with a remote oil res.
I am going to ramble but, hear this, do it once and do it right.
Also look into Old Emu kits, those are nice also.

Rich S.
05-10-2005, 21:43
3" suspension lifts or higher cause you to get into SYE issues and T-case drops to fix the vibes. 2" body lifts look silly and IMHO are unsafe in a crash.

If you are running 33" tires or smaller then I'd do a 2" spacer lift and a 1" body lift. You can get a Rubicon Express budget boost for $200 or so. They flex like mad disconnected. Best deal on the planet in my opinion. Absolutely painless solution for lifting a TJ.

05-11-2005, 13:07
Thanks for the replys fellas:cool: