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05-10-2005, 01:33
Hi All,

I am new to this forum, and seriously pondering the choice of a Glock 26/27 with a SmartCarry holster for everyday use. I am worried, though, that it might be too "much" for me, even though I am by no means small (5"9 and, um, over 170 but not by too much) ;)

One alternative that I was thinking of was the Bersa Thunder .380, but I owned a Walther PPK/S before. Although it was a fun little thing, I don't think that I'd want to bet my life on it.

Frankly I am leaning toward the G27 since it is a .40 as opposed to a 9MM. I would get the G29 but they are so hard to find, and I have heard that the ammo is a lot more expensive. The G30 is just way too much gun for me. So, by process of elimination, I have arrived at the G27 - with the magazine extensions. This makes it more like the G23 for holding, although easier to conceal because it is smaller. I have fired both of these, and can manage quite well with either one.

Do any of you ladies have experience with carrying the G27 that you would care to share with me? I don't want to make an expensive investment that turns out to be the wrong choice.

Thanks in Advance,


05-10-2005, 07:38
Julie, I have been carrying the 26 for about a year and a half now, and find it to be my favorite carry gun. I do not use the finger extensions, however. I am not a small girl either, I am 5'10" and about 165. I have no experience with the Smart Carry so can offer no advice there, but I can tell you I generally prefer to carry on the waistband as opposed to inside the waistband. The subcompacts carry well on the ankle too, so this gives you another option, though the finger extensions would make ankle carry harder. You will almost certainly have to make modifications in your method of dress to accomodate concealed carry if you wish to carry on your person. You get used to it. You may wish to try a couple of options, then stick with what works best.

05-10-2005, 07:45
I bought my wife a Bersa thunder .380 and we both like it and think it is a nice pistol. But when she saw a 26 and saw how it is a cutier smaller version of mine, she just had to have one. That is what she carries with her now. Guess I can put that .380 in the box of Kaboom cereal now, just for emergencies.

05-11-2005, 18:23
I'm about the same size as Glockgirl26, and when I tote a Glock on my person as opposed to in my Coronado purse it's a 23, just behind my right hip in a Fobus GL2* paddle holster. I also tote a Colt Detective Special, about the same size as the 26/27, and I carry it in a cheap IWB type when I carry on body-the revolver's thinner. I can't carry the Glock IWB. I much prefer the Fobus, it is SUPER comfy and hids great under a loose shirt over a tank top. I prefer the .40 Glock beacuse you get 9mm capacity and near .357 ballistics in the Cor-Bon loadings.

Miao, Cat

05-16-2005, 08:09
Jules, I am a little shorter, but of similar stature ;) . I use a Smart carry holster in the summer here in DFW a lot. I carry a Kimber 1911 Pro Carry in it, or a Taurus 605 wheelgun, when ever I use it. SC works great with elastic waisted shorts, and overalls! I recommend you wear a tanktop undershirt, and tuck it UNDER the SC strap. Then wear your t-shirt untucked on top of it all. Much more comfortable that way. Do not wear TIGHT pants/shorts with a SC.

I have no experience carrying a Glock though, because I don't own any. But the SC works fine for a 1911.

Oh, and the maker of SmartCarry dows have a moneyback guarantee. See his website for details.

05-17-2005, 23:09
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay... I have been busy with work and home and all, and since I wrote, I decided that my expensive Glock would have to wait, and I bought a Bersa .380 for the time being. Bills, you know... :(

I may have to reconsider the G23... I realy liked it on the range, but I was concerned that I would not be able to carry it. I will have to look for that Fobus holster, too, and try it out. If it fits well, I will probably get the 23.

Thanks, all!


05-18-2005, 17:15
The 23 is the next size up from the 27, remember. More controllable, but harder to conceal. As I said, I don't have much problem with the GL2* holster, but I have to be casually dressed for it. When I'm dressed for work I default to my Coronado purse. Got it just a couple weeks ago. It's great.

Miao, Cat